Style & Music :: Yuna & Kimbra

I recently had the great fortune to become familiar with the work of these women. Along with beautiful, deep, soulful voices, both women are stunning and stylish in their different ways.

Yuna gives us an undeniable bohemian feel. Her colorful head coverings and her loose, covered up style is conservative without being in the least bit boring.

And Kimbra’s bold, often 50s inspired, looks are a feast for the eyes. She is at once sensual and slinky and quirky and cheerful.

Do yourself a massive favor and check out their work.

Source: via Portia on Pinterest


Settle Down :: Cameo Lover

Source: via Carlia on Pinterest


Deeper Conversation :: Decorate


6 thoughts on “Style & Music :: Yuna & Kimbra

  1. 🙂 Yuna is a fellow Malaysian! How nice to see her on your page. Another Malaysian lady singer that now is based in the US is Zee Avi. Check her out, lovely lovely voice too 🙂

    • Yuna is such a beauty! I really like Zee’s sound!! Thanks for sharing! I love to find new music and I’ve been especially partial to non-American musicians lately.

  2. Love love love Kimbra, starting out a day with “Cameo Lover” keeps me skipping around and smiling all day! I haven’t heard of Yuna’s music, but I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before. Thanks for the tip!

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