Flicks & Acquisitions

My hubby and I had another matinee date this week. We saw The Avengers, which was insanely awesome!!! Everything great that you’ve heard about it is true. GO SEE IT!

Hubby snapped this flick of me. We had to walk around to kill time before the movie started and we drifted towards the water. This area is a world away from Times Square, even though it’s only blocks away. There was even a (brave or crazy) duck in the water! You can just barely see it.

Meanwhile, back at home, mosquito attacks on my person continued unabated. Both of my ankles were targeted. My bites are into the double digits, now. I headed out after I took the kids to school this morning. I am not ashamed to admit that I wanted to avoid being bitten. These motherfuckers have swollen to the point of pain and I haven’t even been scratching?!?!? As I type this I am sitting with a thick fleece robe covering my legs to avoid further trauma.

Anyway, the oldest two needed pants (the girl is model tall and the boy has worn holes(!!!) into the bottoms of his pant legs) so I headed to the nearest mall. I can never pass up a chance to shop in Target when it’s practically empty (week-days at 9 am). I have equal trouble avoiding the shoe department and the $1 section.

Pour moi:

My New, Neutrals

Pour mes bébés:

Glow in the dark stars and planets.

I’m stewing on the Vegas challenge for next week and getting reacquainted with some old faves!

Source: otrstreet.com via Wanett on Pinterest


6 thoughts on “Flicks & Acquisitions

  1. Ooh, love the new shoes! And I’m glad you liked Avengers– it was so fun! Also– the mosquitoes!!!!! We had one in our bedroom the other night and woke up covered in bites. Blerg! It’s rare for us to have them in Queens since there are no trees, gardens, grass, or standing water (ha– lovely Queens) in our neighborhood, but man, are they annoying! I woke up in the night with one buzzing in my ear and had a flashback to my childhood… we used to get tortured by mosquitoes allllll summer long.

    • I might have to rethink living in Queens lol. I’m the only one getting bit so I’m thinking now that they might be spider bites. I have a bad time with them before, about 11 years ago. I’ve never had a mosquito bite itch and hurt this much or swell so badly.

  2. WOW. Mosquito season has come early for all of us, I see!! Yay for new shoes, boo for things biting. I love the dress Ann Margaret is wearing – I almost tried tackling it myself, but got distracted by shiny, stretchy things. I’m excited to see you make it!

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