The “40{s} Yard {Slap}Dash” Ensemble

The "40 Yard {Slap}Dash" Ensemble
Here’s a tip I will tell you for free:

*taps mic*


This has been a public service announcement.

People, when you are given clear, concise and specific instructions on how best to perform a task, and you choose not to heed them, you deserve what you get. I managed to follow through on Steph’s drafting instructions quite well. This is a massive feat, for I am the queen of winging it. I used Lydia as my base, of course, and off I went. Things began to fall apart when instructions like: trace this piece using interfacing, mark point A on all pieces, add seam allowance were used. This semi-pleasing result is the work of much, unnecessary, forcing into submission after the fact (and liberal use of the shadowing feature on picmonkey).  Listen to Steph. You have been warned.

The skirt making was a much happier experience.

The "40 Yard {Slap}Dash" Ensemble

Which was great, since I chickened out on making the shorts I had planned. Scallops and flippy skirts are totally 40s fashion, right??? I can hardly believe how well this went. I’m still a bit flabbergasted. Of course, I skipped letting the bias settle before hemming, so I will pay for that at an undetermined point in the near future. I did the waistband a bit different than the last time I used it. I sewed in the iron-on interfacing. I stacked it along with the waistband pieces (right sides facing on those) and stitched the scalloped side, then clipped and trimmed (precisely) and turned it right side out. THEN I pressed the interfacing to the fabric. I’ve never had such good results with iron-on. Or, indeed, produced a better looking waistband on a skirt.

I have to admit, I was never a huge fan of little flippy skirts. I walk really fast, which makes them kick up in the back and I am often caught in a breeze, which leads to Marilyn moments. I’m just going to invest the time to make some little slips and tap pants to wear under them because, they are SO here to stay!

The "40 Yard {Slap}Dash" Ensemble

The Facts | 1940s Challenge
Fabric | Navy Stretch Rayon Jersey :: $4.98 a yard :: less than one yard used. Rayon Challis in Speckled Red $1.98 a yard :: It was very wide so, I was able to use a yard or so for the skirt.
Patterns | Vivat Veritas Scallop Waist skirt, which is well on its way to becoming my TNT, non-pencil skirt, pattern. Steph’s AMAZING 40s Charm, Blank Tee hack.
Year | Current.
Notions | Thread, a zip, a bit of interfacing.
Time to complete | Three or four hours?? There was MUCH forcing into submission after the fact, with regard to the shirt. I was so completely distracted, a mosquito feasted (7 bites!!!) on my right arm while I was pinning and top stitching like a fiend. The skirt practically made itself.
First worn | I kept the shirt on all day. I only wore the skirt at home, it’s a bit rainy here for bare legs, flippy skirts and sandals.
Wear again? | Yes, I put the shirt on after I finished browbeating it and I wore it with jeans to pick up my kiddies from school. It’s soooo cute and a nice break from regular tees. If the summer ever arrives, I expect this skirt (and the 3 I have planned with my remaining rayon challis prints) to be worn quite a lot. You have all witnessed how I use patterns to death reuse patterns. Expect more 40s Charm tees and half circle skirts in the future!
Total price | I guess we’ll call it $6? Less than $10, to be sure.
The "40 Yard {Slap}Dash" Ensemble

You can see more pics here.

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17 thoughts on “The “40{s} Yard {Slap}Dash” Ensemble

  1. Oh this is cool! I love what you did with the hack, the wider neckline is really good on you. 🙂 I laughed laughed laughed about your PSA.

    And that skirt– *Swoon*! The scallops on the hem and waistband look great, they really balance each other well. Love love love your outfit. 🙂

    • Thanks, Steph!! I’m a rule follower in most areas of my life, but I LOVE to break them with sewing. Which leads to unnecessary headaches most of the time, lol!

    • I’m lol, Chawne!! I sort of assumed that you meant it in a good way, but thanks for clarifying. It was the safest thing to do. I HAVE mentioned how overly sensitive I can be ;o)

  2. ITS SO AWESOME. I love this on you, and I can definitely see how fabulous it would be paired with jeans! No good about the mosquito, though – those things suck (bah dum chee).

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