Good News Day GIVEAWAY

The wait is over and the news is good!!

My baby got into the middle school of her choice!!!!

We are so excited for her! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I don’t know how I would have consoled her when I would have been just as devastated as she would have been if she did not get in.

To celebrate, I will be giving her something that will make her scream, lol. She LOVESSSSSS Barbie (I, know. I know.) and has been receiving catalogs from here for a few months. They had a sale a while back for Barbie’s b-day and I took the time to order a few things for her graduation present while the getting was good.

These two items were part of the order and were two of the things that she hinted at wanting. She also wanted a Bob Mackie doll that I would have had to put in a safe deposit box, lol. It’s safe to say that we went with the affordable options available.

Missy will have those treats and

you all can enter for a chance to win:

Or a pattern of your choice from

If you would like a chance to win you can do one of the following:

Comment here saying which you’d like to win.

Comment here saying which you’d like to win and tell me what you’re reading.

Comment here saying which you’d like to win and tell me something you had for dinner recently.

Comment here saying which you’d like to win and tell me your favorite blog/online mag.

Everyone gets just the one entry.

I just love to hear about what people are reading and eating and I love to find new blogs ;o)

*In the event that an international visitor wins the book, we will work out the best way to get it to you.*

You have until Midnight (eastern standard time) Thursday, May 24th to enter!!


EDITED TO ADD: This giveaway is over. Thanks to those who entered!!


30 thoughts on “Good News Day GIVEAWAY

  1. Oh man, count me in. Ive been reading The Happiness Project lately – very motivating read. And I would LOVE a victory pattern. Thanks!

  2. Oh! I just love a good giveaway, and this one is good. I’d love to win the Style Me Vintage Hair by, Belinda Hay. I had ham on toast for dinner last night. I know, pretty boring, but also pretty tasty.
    Glad to hear your daughter got into the school of her choice. I know that can make a big difference in a young ladies school career.

  3. Congratulations to your daughter! I’d love to win the Ava dress by Victory Patterns so I could make one to wear to a friend’s wedding in June. I love so many blogs but I’ve recently gotten into the fashion/outfit blog Kendi Everyday — I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen it before since it’s so popular, but I just think she’s cute and quirky. Thanks!!

  4. Great news for you and your daughter. I would lolve to win a pattern please and I’m reading The Help, didn’t see the film so really enjoying the book

  5. yeah congratulations! how crazy is it nowadays kids even apply to middle schools?

    i’d love to win a victory patterns make… and let’s see. i’m reading dave egger’s wild things, and last night for dinner we had chinese food. with a bottle of chablis. because i was BEAT. this was after a day of sweaty errand running, during which i thought about your post nonstop, as i had wimped out and thrown an old summer dress on. i bet i would have felt much better at the end of the day if i’d cared about my appearance.

  6. Congratulations! Having gone to the same school for all my formal education, I don’t really know the trials and tribulations of parents and children alike to get into schools. As a reference, I’m the 4th generation in my family to go to this school and they accept 10% of the 800 applicants for 1st grade. Yikes!

    I would love to win the Ava from Victory Patterns. (and I have a mailbox in Fl!!!)

  7. Congratulations on the great news! 🙂 And such lovely presents for your baby girl 🙂 I’m moving, so don’t have to include me on the giveaway this time.

  8. So freaking awesome! I’ve said it before, but the crazy application system for middle & high school blows my mind.

    I’m so crushing on the Ava pattern 🙂 Let’s see, I’m reading Crime & Punishment (because although I’ve been to the apartment building where _that_ took place, I never actually read the novel). And eating fiddleheads!!! Ry’s parents went foraging and mailed us some from Maine. Last week we steamed ’em, tonight it’s a shrimp & fiddlehead saute. Noms!!!

  9. This is good news indeed. I’m so excited for your baby girl! There’s no greater feeling for a parent than seeing your children happy. If I win the giveaway, a Victory pattern would be great. I’ve never heard of this brand. It would be fun to try.

  10. I would love the Vintage Hair book, I’m always needing more ideas for my hair! Right now I’m reading An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler. It’s a great book but it makes you feel guilty for every scrap of vegetable you’ve ever thrown away!

  11. Oh yay, so happy for your gal! What a relief for you guys! I truly can’t believe how crazy the NYC school system is… I get heart palpitations just thinking about it, and I don’t even have kids!

    I’d love a chance to win a Victory Pattern– I’d choose the Lola dress, since after MMM I’m all about sewing casual things that I can work into my everyday wardrobe. 🙂

    Congrats!! You guys seem to have good news coming in spades lately! That’s great!

  12. You are such an awesome mom, thinking ahead for those gifts. Im not a mom, but a last minute shopper of gifts, lol. Okay I would like to win the pattern, I am reading The Mockingjay by Stephanie Collins (Hunger games Trilogy), last night I ate baked chicken, and I am so loving the sew weekly ( how I found your blog), it has given me direction with my sewing, instead of me just hoarding fabric and patterns.

  13. Please enter me into the give-away; I checked out the patterns and think one of my DD’s would look great in several of them. So, that’s what I would like if/when I win! LoL.
    We had home made spaghetti last night. We plant a garden each year and then I make my own spaghetti sauce from the tomato’s and peppers we grow. Nice to have this as a quick meal. Cook up some meat; add the sauce and pour over any type of noodles we want! Quick, easy, enjoyable… and because it’s already made…. cheap too! Oh, and if I need to make a quick meal for a friends family (as when someone has a baby etc…) I know it’s always on the shelf!
    I’ve just started one of the Jennifer Chiaverini books The Union Quilters
    Also one of my Favorite Blogs for sewing is

  14. So sorry…. I wanted to make sure and tell you how happy I am for you and mostly for your daughter getting into the school she wanted. That is great that she is so interested and concerned about her schooling/education that she wants to make sure and go to a good school! Way to go! Just goes to show…. she is on the right track!
    May her years of life be full of a good education…..

  15. That’ great news for your family. My son nearly didn’t get into the college (senior high to you, I think) because he put in the application too late. Luckily it all got sorted. What a relief. All his friends were going there, and that’s so important when you’re 16.
    I am reading ‘The Dressmaker’ by Rosalie Ham. It’s about a woman who moves back from Europe to the Australian bush and wins over the hostile locals with her couture dress-making skills. Arecent simple but tasty dish I made was called Belgian Beany Bake. I would like a Victory pattern, please, if I’m a lucky girl!

  16. Wow! I’d love to win one of those Victory patterns!
    Unfortunately, I’m out of good books to read (I’m reading a highly technical mathematical book at the moment). I don’t know what to read (in the fiction department). I hope some of your commenters will give me ideas!
    Congrats to your daughter for getting into her choice of schools and thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Congratulations! I’ve seen so many documentaries on trying to get into a good primary school I can’t imagine how happy you must be.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway.
    I’d love to win something from Victory patterns.
    For my book club, we’re reading “11/22/63” by Stephen King and those stupid, awful E. L. James “books.”
    Thanks again!

  18. I am super lazy when it comes to blog reading. I used to check up fairly often on New Dress A Day to see how she transformed a thrift store bargain into a chic outfit. Her love of bold colors and patterns often made me envious. I don’t think I have made the time to look at it for about a year though.
    I am better about eating yummy meals than I am about reading blogs. Yesterday for lunch I ate a BLT with a tomato and avocado salad. It was surprisingly filling and I did not get a chance to enjoy my red pepper hummus with it.
    Congratulations to your daughter for getting into the school of her choice! It is nice to hear about a young person who is excited about school.
    I would love to win the book on vintage hairstyling. A vintage outfit is not complete without the proper hair.

  19. It is so great that your daughter was able to get into the school of her choice! Congratulations!
    For dinner yesterday I had a BLT with a tomato and avocado salad. It was delicious and surprisingly filling.
    I would love to win the book of vintage hairstyles.

    Thank you for having such a great contest and happy sewing!

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  21. Your daughter is a rock star!! Go her!! And you are such a fabulous mom for getting her presents and letting us win presents 🙂

    I would love to get the Style Me Vintage book and for dinner, recently, I had a Cincinnati 3 Way. Sounds dirty, doesn’t it??? Here’s the recipe: I have cans of the chili at home for whenever I get homesick.

    XOXO thanks honey!

  22. I would love to try Victory Patterns! I am actually reading three books: I already finished Craig Ferguson’s last book about Scotland and becoming a US citizen, currently laughing out loud reading Bossypants by Tina Fey and will then read Diane Keaton’s autobiography because she kicks a–!

  23. Yay for your daughter! I don’t even want to think about middle school applications, kindergarten was stressful enough. I’d love the Vintage Hair book– I need some new tricks. I made shrimp and grits last night. And I’m reading Middlemarch by George Eliot. 19th century stuff is available for free on the Kindle, so I’ve been filling some gaps.

  24. Congratulations, amazing news! My daughter got into the secondary school this time, it is the 5th best secondary school in the country and happens to be located nearby too! Although I know how tough the competition for those things are in the US. (I am in Ireland)

    I would love to win some Victory Patterns, I am now learning pattern drafting and I would love to try out something new, and see how they do it )))) My current read is on pattern drafting too, it is called Il Modellismo, and is fabulous, easy to follow instructions and sassy illustrations.

    • oh yes- I forgot to include the most important thing- FOOD. Last nite my husband cooked a delicious bork belly with crispy crackling, apple cider sauce, roast cherry tomatoes and slow roast baby potatoes with a bottle of Australian Shiraz to complement the sweetness of the dish. YUM

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