My Style Mission

Reading this post over at Stylish Thought, brought to mind some things I think about often. There is no way that I will ever be the kind of woman that goes all out with her style each and every day. Some Most days, I just want to grab my jeans and a tee and go. No matter how much I love the look of high heels, I CANNOT WALK IN most of THEM, and I will NOT (and cannot) sacrifice my ability to walk for fashion (I have children to keep up with).

Despite that, I have granted myself permission (thanks, Self!) to mix my grab-and-go days with

Those are the days when I asked:

Will my style ever be as cute as Zooey Deschanel, Solange Knowles, Tracee Ellis Ross and all of those gorgeous damn women (Nikki, JasmineMarianne, Karla, Kendra) on my Pinterest style board???

I can reply:

Yes! Sometimes!

Those are the days when I will take my style queues from ladies who know better. When I ask myself “Self? Can I wear these prints together??”  Self will say back “What would Tracee say??”


When I say “Self? Can my big hair be chic??” Self will reply “Look at Ms. Knowles!”

“Self? Does an arm full of bangles + the green beaded necklace= hot mess??” Self would say

“Stop asking me questions and go get dressed!!!”

The thing is, I’ve made this kind of declaration before. And it lasts a while. Then one day, I get dressed and feel…not like myself. And then I take off a necklace. Then a ring. And grab my jeans… I just saw this on pinterest and I think it sums up why I react that way.

Source: via Miss on Pinterest

I don’t think I am the kind of person who cares about her appearance. Or, I don’t think that I look well in a certain kind of look. I think that’s one of the main things that blogging and sewing so much this year and all of the great feedback you’ve given me has re-taught me.

You look good when you feel good.
You feel good when you feel confident.
You feel confident when you’ve applied yourself and accomplished something.

Hopefully, the changes I feel are permanent. I feel like they finally are.


8 thoughts on “My Style Mission

  1. I know how you feel. I used to feel that way too. But then I started SLOWLY replacing my wardrobe with whole ensembles (mostly dresses) that I love and are stylish to me. I new I was winning when 2 things started happening. (1) my females in my cipher started hating … hard and (2) my borrowing-clothes-but-never-returns-them cousin came to visit and couldn’t find anything “comfortable” in my closet. I am very happy. And I’m short. I have been wearing heels since I was 13.


    • I’ve been seeing signs of success, too. Luckily, I don’t have a cousin to raid my closet, lol! I’m 5’7″, which I guess it tall?? I love heels, I just can’t rock ’em.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • I know! I’ve already proven this to myself with some of the SW challenges. I never would have worn/made a bold print dress or mixed prints in an outfit before.

  2. thanks for this. i can totally relate. stylish is just not everyday, especially with kids. but it sure is fun to have those stylish days full of confidence and fun.

  3. I really like the three line takeaway… it’s concise and so spot on. Confidence is totally key to looking good, and it definitely comes from a sense of accomplishment. It’s really surprising to read comments on a look that you’d never considered in the past. I LOVE dressing up, but always find myself leaning toward my jeans & tees. I think I just realized part of it… I hate high heels, too. A little heel is great, but I’ve tried being a heel-woman, and it doesn’t work when I want to walk & not be in pain. So, need to blend “dressing up” with stylish, comfy shoes 🙂

    ps- my best friend growing up always put relaxer in her hair, then in hs she got braids. i always begged her to let it go big, as i wanted to live vicariously through her. she let’s it go now, and it’s so awesome!

    • Ugh, the heels! I love them, but they don’t love me! I sometimes feel like I have the most sensitive feet in the world.

      I can’t wait until it stops raining here so I can indulge in some BIG hair!

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