Wardrobe Essential :: The LBD

Here is the other project I worked on during my insane all night sewing marathon.

A Wardrobe Essential

:: The Little Black Dress ::

The Facts
Fabric | Mystery stretch fabric gifted to me by my sister. She got it in her last haul from Materials for the Arts. I wish I knew the makeup of it. It is PERFECT for this kind of dress!!
Patterns | BurdaStyle’s Lydia for the bodice and my go-to skirt Simplicity 9823 . I put on a previously made Lydia and tucked it into the denim version of this skirt and marked where they met with a pin. I cut the bodice to that length and attached the two.
Year | Current.
Notions | Only thread.
Time to complete | Not sure. I made this the same night as my Mix it Up look.
First worn | To Rima’s house for a fun knitters meet-up! And then today to go pick up the kids from my MIL’s.
Wear again? | Yes! Absolutely!!
Total price | FREE!!! Lydia is only $1. I’ve used it so much that I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth. The skirt pattern probably was only a buck when I bought it years ago.
| I’ve had that necklace and those earrings for years. I probably bought them from a street fair or street vendor. The silver bangles were mostly my granny’s, a few of them and the wooden ones are from my sis. They were from MFTA, too, and they were covered in some hideous twine that I took off to discover these wooden beauties. She gave me the wide ring on my right hand, too. The sandals are from Forever21 circa 2010, I think. I love a good flat sandal.

Wardrobe Essential :: The LBD

This definitely fills a void in my wardrobe. I thought it was a rather casual look, but my husband asked me why was I all dressed up when I donned it again today. I guess it does have a bit of a dress up, dress down quality. Anyway, when your regular wardrobe consists of jeans and tees, this must look a tad fancy.

Wardrobe Essential :: The LBD

It’s definitely leggy, lol. I took a wedge out at the center back, but I could probably remove a bit more. I wanted it fitted, but not tight. I think I accomplished that. I’m pretty proud of it!

Wardrobe Essential :: The LBD

This is near my MIL’s building. She told me I looked like a young girl today, not a mama, lol. All of the photos are courtesy of my Missy, my oldest baby. They all thought watching me jump up on this bench was pretty hysterical. The lipstick destroyer was the only one to brave the rock climbing wall when we stopped by the park on the way home!


17 thoughts on “Wardrobe Essential :: The LBD

    • Thank you!! You might have to make a few to know how to tweak it for your ideal fit, but once you have it down, the number of interpretations are endless!!

  1. Very cute dress! I just discovered your fabulous blog, very impressive and inspiring. I’ve really enjoyed my visit and will definitely be coming back lots.


  2. This is SO cute. Seriously. It does seem like the perfect dress-up, dress-down sort of dress and I LOVE how you’ve styled it here! Ugh, I have GOT to get back to sewing!

    By the way, I’m totally behind, but congratulations on your A’s and your internship!!!

    • Thank you, Hilary!! I know you would rock at making your own clothes!! Thanks for your congratulations! Those A’s were really in doubt (in my mind) until I saw them!

  3. Definition of a LBD… so very versatile, dressed up or down! Note to self: get on that, fill that wardrobe hole. Did you have to mess with the Lydia pattern much (for tees)? Someone commented on my blog about Silhouette patterns, and her knits have a cool French dart, which makes total sense to me. Maybe I should just fiddle with the Renfrew & save my money?

    • With Lydia, there was some trail and error. The first ones I made were not complete duds but they were too big across the chest and in the upper arm. The pattern as I make it now is totally personalized. The front is a bit wider than the back (I have a narrow back/swayback), an hourglass shape is carved out (so it glides over my hips instead of bunching up on top of them) and I have made the neckline scooped in the front and back on most of my versions. I think you could totally do the same with Renfrew.

      • Thanks 🙂 You just validated my wonky thought of making the back a different width. I need to mess around some more to make the pattern fit me better. I don’t need any more patterns. At all.

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