Knitting Meet-Up and Swap!

540286_3766085547214_1128912044_3417903_1132744248_nThe kids spent the weekend with grandma and I had another fun, grown-up lady type day!! I spent it with my knitting peeps in Hoboken, eating DELICIOUS curry and rice and more snacks than should be allowed. I had such a great time! Rima’s neighborhood is so gorgeous. It really improved my opinion of New Jersey! That’s something I never thought I would say, lol. I left her home with high spirits and great yarn!!


That ice cream is Filipino. It’s made with purple yams and what Pen’s father called Mutant Coconut, lol. I’m not a coconut fan, so I didn’t have any. It’s safe to say it was delicious, there was much bowl scraping when everyone else ate it. That jar there is COOKIE BUTTER. What manner of genius came up with that!?!?!


Shameka brought cupcakes from Crumbs.


The booty.

I brought home this awesomeness.

1. Aran Wool from Kerry Woollen Mills in Ireland

2. Filatura Lanarota Sock Yarn, 3. Moda Dea Washable Wool

4. Jane’s Handspun, 5. Patons Soy Wool Solids, 6. Filatura Di Crosa 501

Glamour Knits

I shouldn’t be this excited about fall knitting when it’s just starting to warm up here! Are there any knitters reading? What would you do with that gorgeous Irish Aran?? I have 730 yards of it.

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9 thoughts on “Knitting Meet-Up and Swap!

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  2. My bestie is from Jersey, and I couldn’t believe how lush and beautiful it was the first time I visited his folks’ house. And Trader Joe’s is pure evil.

    • I keep trying to put this cookie butter business out of my mind. I haven’t even mentioned it to my husband because he would insist on trying it, lol.

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