When Good Children Tell Bad Lies


Did you touch my lipstick????

 Girl Twin:

I didn’t touch it!

It wasn’t me!

I found it like that!


I wish that I had thought to take a picture of the WHITE washcloth she wiped her hands on so I would never find out that this happened…..


20 thoughts on “When Good Children Tell Bad Lies

  1. My daughter gets me all the time. Lipstick, nail polish, hair products. You name it! I’m really getting nervous about her turning 3.

    • You, know, they don’t normally mess with things. But she has a real problem with things that twist up. She has ruined many a glue stick and chapstick in her day.

  2. Ha! I was so that kid – I guess we all were. Once I tried to hide the India ink I spilled on my mom’s brand new carpet by putting my doll house over the stain. I can still see my mom’s face when she came into the room and found me covered in black splotches. Really, I want to know who leaves their child alone in newly carpeted room with an open bottle of calligraphy ink.

    • I once painted a chair’s legs with nail polish. They were metal and it was silver colored polish (it matched!). I lied when my mom asked me if was playing in it. Like you can’t smell polish a mile away.

      I may have also cut the end of one of my braids off before…..I should probably cut my kid some slack, lol

  3. What a hilarious and stereotypical mother-daughter story!. I can’t count how many of my mothers’ (bio mom AND stepmonster’s) tubes I ruined and pretended I didn’t. I think it takes mature fingers to apply lipstick without collateral damage. It’s a fine motor skill I bet most women don’t get until their twenties….even later if they’re the the lip gloss until your 35 type (like me).

    Thanks for sharing that lipstick’s brand with me. I’m so placing an order for it…might even buy a couple more. There’s one called “Porn Star’. Cracked me up….just before it landed in my cart!

    • I think you’re right. I was not that into makeup growing up and can only be bothered to apply a bit now and then. My skills are minimal. I do love this lipstick, though. I was hunting around for a small dish to put this in so I can still use it. I think I’ll just use a brush to apply it now.

      Glad to help out with the info. I think the East Coast can handle two brown woman wearing the same shade ;o)

      • Ha! Thanks for the blessing. Like you, I’m a lipstick neophite…I know enough to wear lip liner and avoid frosted shades, but I suck at choosing colors. Very grateful for the recommendation to a line of awesome ones.

  4. When I was little and did stuff like that, I was always amazed that my mother knew exactly what I’d been up to.



    You can stick it in something like an artist’s traveling palette, I had to do that with a few of mine… Or a little jar… It’s still good!

    • It was always SUCH a surprise to get caught, lol. Their bad clean-up jobs and my excellent hearing leave little room for them to get away with anything.

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  6. Bahahahahahahaha!!! “I found it like that!” My sister and I once “painted” our entire bed frame with orange-flavored chapstick and denied it vehemently…

    • These are the stories that make up a childhood, aren’t they, lol. Between the four of them, I could probably do a weekly feature on their antics and bad kid lies to cover them up.

  7. Haha! I once came downstairs with what looked like a black eye, and was already on the verge of tears. My imaginary friend had told me to play in my big sister’s vanity. Riiiight… mom cleaned me up, but then we had to tell my sister, who was not happy.

    • Well, I was asleep when the crime took place, lol. She likely had ample time to wipe her hands without the other kids seeing her. I expect many more of these incidents in her future.

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