Front Page & Two A’s

It’s an ALL good news kind of post, people! Semester grades are in, I am two A’s richer and two classes closer to earning my degree! WOOHOOOOOOOOO

To make today even sweeter, lookatme on the front page!

Pattern mixing, with my bad self, lol. I’m tired and in a good mood, for me that equals SILLY.

What’s Black & White & Blooming All Over?

What's Black & White & Blooming All Over?
For my husband’s peace of mind, I must say that, yes, we know that these are weeds. He was terribly concerned about that fact. Not me standing in/near the weeds. But that you know, that we know that they are weeds, lol.

What's Black & White & Blooming All Over?

The Facts | Mix it Up Challenge
Fabric | Printed Stretch Cotton Sateen, two-toned black cotton knit & one of my little daughter’s old shirts was cannibalized for the sleeves. The purse (which was my unposted cheater project for last week’s challenge) is made with a thick 100% cotton Marc Jacobs fabric (which was also used on this failed Beignet and to recover a chair in my apt).
Patterns | BurdaStyle’s Lydia with scoop back mods, my ultimate tee pattern. Simplicity 9823 with a swayback adjustment, the pattern that just keeps giving and giving and giving. The Norma Envelope Clutch from, printed at 70%.
Year | All current.
Notions | Thread, a zip and two magnets (cannibalized from an old purse) for the clutch.
Time to complete | Not sure. I made the skirt and shirt during an all night sewing session that included several snack breaks, a Pride & Prejudice viewing and another project.
First worn | While my hubby snapped flicks and to pick up the kiddies from school.
Wear again? | Yes! I love the mixed prints together! If I wore my fro out I would have felt like Solange Knowles’ budget shopping sister ;o)
Total price | I’ll give it a nice round 10 bucks. The skirt fabric was $3.98 a yard, I used less than one. I have a headache so I can’t really bother to hunt around my old emails and my account to find the cost of the other fabrics. Because it’s me, you can bet they were cheap.

What's Black & White & Blooming All Over?
Grandma’s Necklace. Broken. Repaired. Ready to wear!

What's Black & White & Blooming All Over?
All but three or four of these bangles were her’s, too.

More pics here. And further evidence of the aforementioned silliness.



20 thoughts on “Front Page & Two A’s

  1. Crap!! That looks great. I am jealous of all your sewing time. And frankly, of your As too. I don’t know how you do it. I still have anxiety dreams about college.

    • Thanks, Melissa!! I take sewing time away from sleeping time, lol. I’m anxious about my grades right up until the moment I see them. That wait is my least fave thing about school.

  2. Congrats on the A’s and the front page!!! I am so so so so into this outfit and I’m also a major Solange style fan, that girl knows how to mix and match! Anyway you look super awesome hanging out in the weeds here.

    • Thanks, Jen!! Solange is definitely one of my style gurus! I kept calling the weeds, flowers. He was VERY insistent on reminding me that they were weeds and therefore not the same thing, lol.

  3. Congratulations- only 2 more classess! Love the prints, especially the way you wore a sleevelesss black sweater over the stripe one or did I get that right?

  4. congratulations! It looks like it was a great Thursday and beginning to the weekend! I don’t think your pattern mixing is silly at all. It looks great!

  5. Congrats on you grades! And super love for your sewing post! Fantastic outfit, great setting including the flower/weeds and your adorable cross leg/ feet pose! Super fun and creative!

    • Thank you!!! I think the A’s are the result of my learning style being well suited to online school. I don’t always test well, but I can write the hell out of a paper, lol

  6. Hotness! This outfit is amazeballs! Everything comes together so nicely, with the green repetition, b&w repetition, stripe repetition (even in the bodice of the tee!). And major hotness on the As, too 🙂 I can’t wait for your graduation sexy librarian outfit.

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