Pinterest to the Rescue

Oh, Pinterest!! How I could wax poetic about thee! As I pointed out in this post, following people you love using multiple social networking platforms pays off! Meg the Grand, who could also be know as Meg the Babe just as easily, pinned this awesomeness earlier today.

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest

How could she have known that I was stressing over next week’s 1940s challenge??? Did she use her special red-headed powers???

I’ve been worrying over what to make since I noticed the challenge. Though I think 1940s styles look great on others, I was more skeptical of it looking well on me. Also, I was not particularly in the mood to sew anything quite so bold shouldered, lol.

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest


I know 40s style is more broad (PUN) than that. I’ve added quite a bit of inspiration to this pinboard.

Though I have found lots of lovely images of lovely ladies in fancy dresses and suits.


I’ve also found quite a lot of casually styled photos which have inspired me a lot more.

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest

This slip made into a dress had its appeal at first, but I’ve been pretty set on making shorts for the challenge for a while. I was lucky enough to snag this pattern at the BurdaStyle sewing club meet-up.

Simplicity 3223

It’s from 1950, but the style of the shorts is keeping with 40s style.

I do have this 40s pattern, but I’m not in the mood for fiddling with collars and the pattern is also unprinted. I’m not in the right head space for that either. Steph’s T-shirt to the rescue!

Thanks Meg!


12 thoughts on “Pinterest to the Rescue

  1. Cool! I find I’m much more inspired by vintage casual wear these days than by pretty pretty dresses.. Love to see what you come up with! 🙂

  2. I love old school pics of Black folks. I am so relieved that we have left the bondage of pantyhose behind. Thank you Michelle Obama!!!

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