Good News & Bad Moods

:: Good News ::

I got the internship I interviewed for!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited! I will have the chance to do interesting work, close to home AND within the hours that the kids are at school. It doesn’t hurt that I will also learn skills to, hopefully, make my post degree job search easier. Winning all around.


I love being able to say that! But there is the problem of the

:: Bad Mood ::

Despite the joy that school being over brings, I am feeling a bit down. I skipped the Sew Weekly challenge this week. Mother themed sewing, while surely thought to inspire good feelings, does not do so for me. The relationship is…complicated, to say the least. This blog post sums the sitch up pretty well, if you’re interested. I do have other mom figures in my life, but the main one (my maternal grandma) reamed me out for putting a photo of her on Facebo*k. I wasn’t about to put one on the SW, which gets MUCH more traffic than my private FB page.

I tried finding a family photo of someone else to use and did start a project (based on a jacket that my other gma was wearing). The fabric choice was stupid even in the planning stages, but I pushed ahead. You know how that happens sometimes. I made another cheaters project, but decided I didn’t want to bring the SW community down with my parent related sob stories AND a shitty, half-ass, cheater project.

:: UPDATE ::

I wrote the above early yesterday. I was interrupted from finishing by the arrival of my sister. She came in, in her Best-Baby-Sister-In-The-WORLD way, and busted up that bad mood right quick!! She had a HUGE bag of (more free!!!!) goodies (from an organization called Materials for the Arts that she visits with her advisor) for us to share and as we sorted, I talked a bit about how I was feeling, and felt much better by the end. As shitty as things are with my mom (and the rest of my family) she did right by me at least twice, giving me life (obviously) and giving me my sister!!

My little three couldn’t wait until Sunday to share their Mother’s Day gifts. This kind of thing ALWAYS cheers me up!!

Gifties from my Kiddies!!

The plaques are from the twins. Super Mom is from the girl and I Love You from the boy ;o)
My oldest son gave me the glittertastic card. And my oldest, the stickler for rules, will give me her gift of Sunday lol.


21 thoughts on “Good News & Bad Moods

    • Thanks for the hugs, Shawnta!! And for the congrats ;o)
      My sister and I take turns pulling each other out of the doldrums. I love her so much!

  1. Man, family can be so complicated, and holidays only exacerbate that. But your sister sounds super cool and your kiddos are so sweet! I’m really glad you got the internship!

  2. So glad your sis showed up to banish that bad mood! You should feel great. You got the internship AND you have wonderful kids who want to spoil you. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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