The Vanity Project

This is what I got from Freecycle:

1930s Vanity Table!!!

A 1930s VANITY TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isn’t it gorgeous?!?
I can’t use enough exclamation!!

1930s Vanity Table!!!

My beauty collection is minimal, but it looks pretty in these dishes I got from my grandma!

1930s Vanity: Hair, Nails & Make-up

1930s Vanity: Right Side

This little embroidered doily is from Chawne, the mirror is IKEA thrifted from the Salvation Army (it SUCKS, it’s tilted up too high to see properly), the paper flower and drawn on paper doily are from my little daughter and I made the mini dolls you can see peaking out.

1930s Vanity: Hidden Jewelry Storage

I found this box (Ralph Lauren is printed on the lid) in a box of recycling in someone’s front yard. I passed it one day and when I still saw it there the next one, I took it.

1930s Vanity: CD Spindle Bangle Holder

Bracelets on an old CD spindle.

1930s Vanity: Fancy Tea and Cake

I was inspired to use one of my granny’s cups to drink my tea while I arranged my table last night ;o)

This only cost me the fee to rent the Zipcar to pick it up. Even that was cheap because the car was full of pet hair and when my husband complained they offered a partial refund. SCORE! He was so awesome about coming with me to get it. He is very skeptical of Craigslist, Freecycle…pretty much anything that involves meeting a stranger for goods, lol.

The lady giving this away was actually great. She helped me remove the mirror and came down with us to hold open the doors and everything (we have a dolly so it was DEAD easy to move). Most freecyclers make it clear that they will not help in any way, so this was highly unusual behavior. This belonged to her aunt and though she had wanted it for years, she hadn’t really used it once she got it. She tried to give it to the Salvation Army, but they refused it! There are two areas of discoloration on the top and they said they no longer take things that need work done. Their loss is definitely my gain. I’m paying my luck forward by giving away a shopping cart full of yarn and fabric tomorrow.

I’ve been curious about these since I started reading Esme and the Laneway. Her table is gorgeous. She’s also responsible for my vintage suitcase obsession. Anyway, Yahoo has been delivering my emails so late, that I kept missing cool things posted to Freecycle. It was a miracle that this was still available when I emailed her. We set a date, spoke on the phone (to try to see if we could hear craziness over the line, lol) and Thursday my tired hubby picked up the car and off we went!

The finish could use doing over, but I have never refinished (or finished, for that matter) anything and I’m a bit intimadated. I thought I might paint it. I’m collecting inspiration here.

Should I paint it or try to refinish it?

You can see all of the pics I took, and then edited using the old film processing on PicMonkey, here.


20 thoughts on “The Vanity Project

    • I KNOWWWW!!! I couldn’t believe it when she replied that she still had it! She was excited that I was so happy to have it. She was at a loss when the SA wouldn’t take it.

    • It was so much fun choosing the dishes to use on it! I want to get some art deco jewelry holders because they look so fun, but I love just having it.

  1. What a great find! Those types of tables make me want to curl my hair and spend hours on my make-up. If only I didn’t have to be at work by 9!

    • I’ve been feeling that way, too!! I would spend all of that time and end up looking one of two ways: like a fool or quite the same. Lol

  2. Girl, you are on a roll. A big, fat, tasty, rare fish from the sea sushi roll. The bow tie, Oona badges, ad space, and this phenomenal vanity. I dream of a vanity like that. Freecycle rocks. Ry picked me up a sewing machine last summer, on the fly, without seeing if it was something I’d like. It’s a cool old Singer, but I haven’t had the time to fix it up yet.

    Oh, and an internship! Awesome! You’re a writer, no?

    • Freecycle is the best!! I’m mad that I waited so long to get on board!

      I am a writer, or at least I play one in my head ;o)
      My internship will use my (future) grad degree. I’m a library science major and I’ll be working in recording and archiving. Which will, surprisingly, make use of some things I learned as an undergrad in film school.

      • That’s awesome! And no surprise at all with respect to the overlap in studies. I think it’s a transition that makes sense, one I’ve seen friends (art & photo majors) make and have considered.

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