Buttons for Lulu

I won a free ad space on the amazing (and new to me) blog, Ohhh Lulu!! I’m usually never in time for this kind of stuff!

Sarah, in an effort to pay-it-forward, offered the first five people to comment on this post, a free space. That’s what I needed those (awesome Oona made) buttons for :0) It’s so weird how the sewing blogging world works sometimes. With everyone following the blog, pinboard, flickr and Sew Weekly profile of those that they like, inspiration is FLYING at you from all angles! The discovery on new, wonderful things to make can be overwhelming. But, in the best possible way.

I pinned these gorgeous things sometime last week, or so.

Lizz saw them, fell in love, commented on their beauty and then promptly sought out Sarah for a guest post on her blog. This crafty six degrees of separation led to a tutorial to personalize  your pretty panties even more!

I would be hard pressed to remember exactly how I found them. They were probably pinned by someone else. I remember!! Sleepy brain comes to the rescue!! I was thinking of making a bralette type top for the pink challenge last week. I pinned some real beauties and even found a few free patterns and tutorials. While sifting through Pinterest, I also opened a google image search. This Mrs. Depew pattern kept popping up.

Is it not stunning!! It turns out she and Sarah were hosting a joint sew-along, which is where this image actually comes from. Look at the magic Sarah has worked here!

Source: ohhhlulu.blogspot.com via Wanett on Pinterest

I love this so much! Even if I have no practical reason to wear a corset, lol. The bra is perfect for the sheer top trend that doesn’t seem to be going away and I imagine you would feel so great wearing this out and about, even with casual clothes. And I still think it would work well as jumping off point for some of the camis/bralettes I pinned.

I just realized that these pattern are being sold together in a kit here. Damn, I’m such a sucker for grouped discount pricing…..I’m supposed to be waiting until I can get all of the supplies I need before I buy the patterns. MUST RESIST!

I’m trying to put myself on a craft supply, magazine/book and thrifting budget. I cleaned out my stash in a late night meeting with insanity. I have a 20-30lb bag of fabric, about 20 fashion magazines and a huge bag of yarn to give away. I’m going to call my nearest senior center to ask about donating the yarn and magazines and I will likely Freecycle the fabric. I need to pay my luck with Freecyling forward. You will not believe what I picked up yesterday! Pictures tomorrow. I’ve rambled on enough for one post, lol.


5 thoughts on “Buttons for Lulu

  1. Hooray! I saw your button on Ohhh Lulu and got super pumped up! The sewing community has to be the nicest group of people on the planet! Oh, and I desperately want to buy everything in Sarah’s shop. So gorgeous!

    Now you’ve gone and tantalized me with your hint about your Freecycle score! Can’t wait to see what it is!!!

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