That’s What Friends Are Foooooor

That was me singing Foooooor, like Dionne Warwick ;o)

This morning, I flashed the seamstress bat signal sent Oona an email asking if she would be so kind as to work her tricksy photoshop magiks and make me a blog button (I needed one for something I’ll tell you about tomorrow) and she responded with these!







This was a lovely thing to come home to (I went on an interview for an internship today)!!!

I owe her a favor now, which could be a dangerous thing….

Well, that’s what friends are for.


What would a seamstress (sewer, seamster, person that sews, wielder of needle and thread, WHICHEVER) bat signal look like, do ya think?


8 thoughts on “That’s What Friends Are Foooooor

  1. IT IS EXCELLENT TO HAVE PEOPLE OWE YOU. they were so much fun to do! i’m excited to see which one you choose… and i hope you get that internship.

    i think cindy’s sewasaurus rex (over at cation designs) would make a perfect bat signal. i wonder if she could do one holding a martini glass.

    • I’m trying to put it out of my mind so when you approach me all Godfather like, I can look appropriately worried like the funeral director. :0)

      Thanks for the luck! And, yes, all crafty bat signals need something booze related added!

  2. Gal, you’ve got friends in high places! Love the buttons!! I think the top one is my favorite, if I may throw in my unsolicited two cents!

    I’d like to see a sewing bat signal that was a sort of a sewing machine cartoon-y guy with T-Rex teeth (all the better to chew fabric with)!

  3. Great designs by Oona! You can’t go wrong with any of them. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and commenting. I’ve been a lurker of yours for awhile. Yes, you are in my Google Reader. Love what you do at Sew Weekly and Refashion Co-op. Keep up it!

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