KCWC :: Projects Three & Four


I was chained to this thing ALL DAY!


HUGE Stack of Sewing!


I managed to finish these for the boys.

Butterick 3475 Plaid Cotton Shorts

Butterick 3475 Plaid Cotton Shorts

Butterick 3475 Plaid Cotton Shorts

Butterick 3475 Plaid Cotton Shorts

I’m sorry, I’m too tired to bother the boys to pose for photos…so sleepy.
I haven’t worked on my sew weekly project yet and those Seuss jammies are only partially done. I managed to serge the legs together, but they need to be hemmed and such. I might have to abandon hope of finishing them in time for Karen’s pajama party…

C’est la vie

I’m ordering take out while I ponder over pink fabric and pattern choices.


6 thoughts on “KCWC :: Projects Three & Four

    • It was a little scary at first, but now I zip along on it like an old pro. My oldest used it to make her shirt and she was only 10 at the time. She was pretty fearless about it, though.
      I have been meaning to teach myself to use some of its other features like the rolled hems and what not. Soon.

  1. Aha.. you have the same serger as Ginger! Maybe that’s what I should upgrade to? I loved my mom’s Juki as a child, and swoon over BabyLocks, but can’t afford them. I asked Ginger, too, but how do you like the rolled hem? Mine is finicky in general, but especially with them, and I LOVE to use that feature.

    • I haven’t really experimented with all of the features. Partially due to intimidation, but mostly due to laziness ;o) I plan to try some of them out next week, when school ends (!!!!!!!!!) and I have more time to waste, lol

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