Today’s Thrift Haul

I’m going to start photographing my thrifted finds right away. This will help me keep track of what I spent and ensure that I have a before shot for any future refashions. I still have things (a black DKNY trench coat, at least 2 dresses and a sweater) that I’ve never posted about.

Anyway. I was inspired to hit the thrift after spending some time checking out a new (to me) blog yesterday. Vintage Vandalizm, an insanely gorgeous and stylish New Yorker, is sooooo inspiring. Reading her blog has reignited my passion for thirfted clothing and my desire to do more outfit posting.

 Today I planned to look for:

  • light colored or printed, pants and jeans
  • long and/or over-sized dresses to refashion

Look what I found


Due Per Due {100% Silk} Ensemble

Due Per Due 100% Silk Ensemble $4.59

Due Per Due 100% Silk Ensemble $4.59

These are a bit frumpy worn together, but I think they have great potential as separates.

Due Per Due 100% Silk Ensemble $4.59

I’m always in awe of the cute novelty prints other bloggers thrift. I’m so happy to have found this! Look at how cute it is!

Due Per Due 100% Silk Ensemble

Banana Republic {Stretch} Jeans

Banana Republic Jeans $4.00

Banana Republic Jeans $4.00

Banana Republic Jeans

I’m still replacing the jeans that are too big for me. These fit a bit tight…but for $4 if I tire of them, no big deal. I’m so used to skinnies or super wide leg now, this boot cut fit looks weird. I might taper the legs.

K & Company {100% Rayon} Dress

K & Company 100% Rayon Dress $6.39

K & Company 100% Rayon Dress $6.39

K & Company 100% Rayon Dress $6.39

I’ve been intrigued about wearing longer dresses since seeing the success some fashion bloggers have had with them. This needs some work. I think the pockets are causing the side seams to bulge a little bit. It’s also a size 10, which is too big up top on me. The shoulder pads don’t help things, either.

::Deal of the Day::

7 Brand {Stretch} Jeans

7 Jeans for $7.39

7 Jeans for $7.39

I’m still a bit flabbergasted by this…these retail for $169 on their site. Who the hell GAVE these away??!?!?

They’re a little too long. But that’s an easy fix.
7 Jeans for $7.39

No luck on the light colored pants today. The Salvation Army has more (WAY more) pants to choose from, but no fitting room. I’m bursting with ideas for the polka dot dress and the silk separates. I’ll be back soon with some inspiration pictures.

Happy rest of the day to you!


7 thoughts on “Today’s Thrift Haul

  1. Awesome haul!!! You are rocking those jeans! Also, the novelty print is to die. I’ve been saving my receipts, for future upcycling knowledge, but maybe should post finds when found, too? I just ignore the jeans section, the same way I hate shopping for them in general (nothing ever fits, rabbit hole of body image, blah blah)

    • Thank you!! I still can’t believe someone gave those 7 jeans up! Maybe they were too small and they were tired of looking at them? I hate to shop for jeans, too. Old Navy/Gap used to fit me great, but now I have to buy Tall or everything is too short. And I have to try on 10 pair to get one that fits.

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