KCWC :: Day One

Good news!! I made it to the meet-up last night! In the continued tradition of crafty people being awesome, Lee offered me a ride home if I decided to brave the weather! Wasn’t that so nice?!? I got myself dressed, ran for the bus (which I F#&@ing hate!) and made it there mostly dry. With dessert. Score! Everyone was lovely, I had a great time and even came home with a couple pieces of fabric and a few new patterns. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening.

Today has been all about sewing. I finished up my Sew Weekly stuff and took my photos earlier and I’ve just finished cutting out my girls’ dresses.

kcwc2012::Day One

Luv in the Mommyhood Sweetheart Dress :: Simplicity 3530

This is exciting stuff guys. I am running on the fumes, of fumes at this point. I am totally wiped out, but I really wanted to make the most of this week because I love the thought behind it and I know that my children will really appreciate what I make them. I’m sticking to the theme, though, so no overtaxing just to showoff how much I can complete. I’m done for the day, and that’s OK.

This fabric is so beautiful, I’m having that terrible oh-no-I-can’t-waste-it!! fever about making them something that they will outgrow. (Thank goodness for blogging, I was taking an in progress pic and realized I pinned the front of 3530 with the robots upside down) I’m battling it, though. But, I’m on the fence with the boys’ projects. The fabric is generously wide and I bought three yards each, I think. So, I could make both boys shorts and still line the blazer in the future?? But, they love to play on the floor and are quite tough on their pants…I do have these shirt patterns I could use instead.

McCall's 4285

Butterick 3475

And still have enough for the blazer and probably shorts, too. Decisions…


One thought on “KCWC :: Day One

  1. I am so in love with that Sweetheart Dress — it’s kinda giving me baby fever (need a girl to dress up in things like that!!). Anyway, I love the sweetness of the dress with the fun robots…what a great fabric choice. I actually have that fabric in the blue and green and LOVE the idea of boy shorts with it! If I ever have time to sew again, I think that’s what I’ll do with it…

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