Kid’s Clothes Week SP2012

I was all jazzed to go to a sewing meet-up tonight, but it’s raining and cold and my damn train is not running this weekend (G train, I shake my fist at you!) so…I’m moping (and blogging) instead.

It’s that time of year again. The time when my selfish sewing ceases and I make something for the kiddies.

I just noticed that my oldest son tore a hole in the knee of his Dr. Seuss jammies, so I guess new PJ pants are on deck. I’ve been keeping track of kid’s stuff and boy and girl sewing projects and inspiration on Pinterest.

I hope to make them some things that can be worn outside of the house this time around.

Here is my ambitious list:

A dress for the Little Girl

A dress for the Big Girl
Butterick 3530

Shorts for the Bigger Boy

And (hopefully) a blazer (he LOVES blazers) for the Littler Boy

If I get at least the jammies made, I’ll consider it a successful week.

I’ve got a ton of plaid shirting that I can use for the shorts, some of this gorgeous robot linen blend for the girls’ dresses and I hope to use the blue version of the linen to line the jacket with khaki chino for the outer.

Hey, would cute bot shorts look too wacky? I mean, he’s only 6 years old. If you can’t wear robot shorts then, when can you??


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