I’ve missed two Sew Weekly challenges in a row. I’m ticked about this week’s one. I really wanted to make a Paris inspired look. I even bought cute little flats to complete my faux Bardot look.

Of course, I can sew this look whenever I want. But for now, I’m focused on the next challenge. It asks us to look to childhood photos for inspiration. Here are a few of mine.

I LOVED this sweater! Even though I’m young here, I can very clearly remember this sweater. It must have stuck around a while after this was taken.

The back of this photo says the pic was developed in 1981. Light years ago ;o)
This was probably Easter. My paternal grandma was very into dressing my cousin and I like tiny adults on Easter.

Easter, again. Me. And the same cousin. (We are related on both sides of our family. Our mothers are sisters and our fathers are brothers.) It is eerie how like my twins we look. My mother-in-law freaked out when I showed her this picture and the one above it.

Kindergarten or first grade, probably. I was pretty crazy about this dress. It had a pleated skirt bottom.

B-day party at home. I was absolutely in love with all three of these toys. I played with them until they practically disintegrated.

Entering major awkward phase stage here. The rest of my face hadn’t quite caught up to my eyes. I begged to wear my hair out this year. It started out about mid back and crept up more and more as the day wore on, lol. This is not even all of it, the very top was braided, I think. I have very thick hair.

I thought this gold coin bolero jacket was THE SHIT when I got this outfit! LMAO! I wish I could find a full length shot so you could see the skirt part. It was a drop waist sort of thing with ruffles edged with more gold coins, lol.

The Easter clothes grandma usually bought my picture day clothes. She only has sons and I’m the only granddaughter, so she got a bit carried away when buying me clothes. I had tons of those knit ponchos with the fringe and my great aunt made me a white faux fur coat with my name (incorrectly spelled) custom printed on the lining. I think it had a muff and a hat, too. Can you imagine a 5 year-old in something like that?? In the 80s???

I don’t know which look I will be drawing from. I can’t find any pics of my favorite outfits. One consisted of red pants with white cording down the outside of the legs and a striped red and white shirt with a white ruffled placket at the front. Sounds snazzy, yes? Lol And the other were these flowered cotton denim style pants and white tees. I had them in two colors, white and pink, and thought they made any outfit I put together.

Which blast from the past is your fave?

What do you think of that bolero? Are you super jealous?? ;p


14 thoughts on “Childhood

  1. Oh my gah, mini-you is so ADORABLE! And that bolero is amazing! It’s so funny that the things we were fondest of as kids are usually the cheesiest… I guess kids just don’t have classic taste lol. I had a favorite outfit that was a purple silk shirt with a matching purple sequined vest (custom-made by my mother)– oy! It was awful! I also had a turquoise western-style shirt (also homemade) with an Aztec-type-print vest that matched. Oh, and I had calf-high faux-suede fringed boots to wear with it– they were NOT cool at the time (early ’90’s), but I didn’t even care as I was obsessed with horses and really wanted to be a cowgirl!

    • Thanks! Your fave outfits sound as awesomely bad as mine, lol! I’m amazed at what I wore and thought was so cool over the years. I have years of snaps with me wearing things like slouched tube socks, culottes, jumpers (I wore a tent-like purple cord jumper to the first day of JHS. NIGHTMARE) and other crimes against fashion.

      • Haha, I had a purple corduroy jumper, too! I wore it with a turtleneck that was striped with about four different shades of purple– ack! I think I was about 12 at the time… awful!

  2. Really cute photos! I don’t think you look awkward in that grad photo (graduation from middle school?). You want to see awkward, you’ve got to see mine. One of my faves was a yellow knit drop-waisted jumpsuit (culotte-y shorts and tank top). It was a transition piece from junior to high school, changing my very tomboyish ways to more feminine. So painful to think about! I think you should get inspired by those stripes in the kinder-1st photo above. I feel inspired by them!

    • It’s from sixth grade, Antoinette. I felt plenty awkward then. I still do at times. And I think I had something similar to what you’re describing, lol! Oh the past fashion horrors!

  3. AHHHH! I LOVE these photos soooo much! What a cutie! And I can’t believe your cousin and you are related on both sides. How cool is that? I absolutely adore that pink high collared dress! Can’t wait to see what you sew up from this inspiration!

    • Thanks, Debi! I didn’t realize how weird it was that we were related that way until my bff in high school asked me why he was coming to my grandma’s house with me (we lived with the other grandma) and I told her that she was his granny, too.

  4. I fully support all love for the dress in the first grade pic. And I’m pretty sure I had a vest with gold coins on it. Oh yes.

    • Thanks, Oona! It was fun having a grandma willing to buy me things until my sense of fashion changed. She didn’t have as much fun either when I outgrew the patent leather shoes phase. I wore huge baggy clothes for years and she HATED it, lol.

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  6. Hi – I clicked over from Sew Weekly and I absolutely love your “Hi” sweater with the girl on it. I’m pretty sure my little sister had a very similar one and I had completely forgotten about it until I saw your pic. Thanks for jogging that memory free by sharing that pic. Also, I know for certain my younger sister would have LOVED that gold-coin-trimmed outfit. It is awesome.

    • You’re welcome, Amy!! I loved that sweater!! I’ve actually been thinking of knitting myself a vest to recreate it, lol. I will save myself to embarrassment of trying to wear the gold coin vest, though. Some things are better left in the past.

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