And now, for something completely different

Hey guys. With no sewing weekly for me, I seem to have left the blog (and recent comments) hanging. Bad blogger! I intended to take part in this week’s challenge, and make timely replies to your lovely comments, but it would seem that I am still too chicken to cut into my VIP fabric and also rather lazy this week. Sorry about that.

I intend to sew for next weeks challenge, today. And I will be better about comments in the future.


I made time to play with polish last night. A sure sign of spring fever setting in.




I always polish my toenails in the spring and summer, but never my fingernails. They must be teflon coated, as polish doesn’t seem to want to stay on. I guess I keep my hands in water too much.



So far, so good with this go round. Let’s see after dish washing and bath time tonight.

Ta, for now.

Back soon with sewing.


Wait, look at this.

Grandma's Jewels

Grandma's Jewels
Every now and then, my sister riffles through (maternal) grandma’s old jewelry boxes. This is one that she passed on to me.



4 thoughts on “And now, for something completely different

  1. oh no no worries about not posting any recent sewing accomplishments. We all have those weeks. I really really love your nail polish choice. I did a color and glitter topcoat aw well this weekend, except my nail polish was from Urban Outfitters.

  2. I love your new blog design! It looks great! I never polish my fingernails, either– they chip immediately, which annoys me, and then I start to pick at them… it’s a vicious cycle! But that glittery polish is way cute!

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