Style Me Vintage?

I’ve been curious about vintage styling with the influx of vintage style bloggers on my Google Reader feed. The clothes, make-up and hair have always been beautiful to me, and I’ve learned to identify some eras with ease. I learned about the Style Me Vintage series on a blog, I can’t recall which. I figured for $10, I could give this one a try.

I can’t speak to the thoroughness or accuracy of the info, as I know next to nothing about vintage clothing history but, it’s a beautiful book with great style. I was hesitant to give the other two in the series a try.

I’m not that into make-up and gather that some of the hair styles will be difficult to achieve on textured hair. Now that I’ve seen this one, I wish I had taken the plunge and gotten all three.

I think walking around full on vintage, make-up + hair + clothes, requires a level of confidence I just don’t have. But I think dabbling a bit might be fun.

What’s your take on vintage styling? Too costume-y? Fun once in a while?


KCWC :: Projects Three & Four


I was chained to this thing ALL DAY!


HUGE Stack of Sewing!


I managed to finish these for the boys.

Butterick 3475 Plaid Cotton Shorts

Butterick 3475 Plaid Cotton Shorts

Butterick 3475 Plaid Cotton Shorts

Butterick 3475 Plaid Cotton Shorts

I’m sorry, I’m too tired to bother the boys to pose for photos…so sleepy.
I haven’t worked on my sew weekly project yet and those Seuss jammies are only partially done. I managed to serge the legs together, but they need to be hemmed and such. I might have to abandon hope of finishing them in time for Karen’s pajama party…

C’est la vie

I’m ordering take out while I ponder over pink fabric and pattern choices.

Today’s Thrift Haul

I’m going to start photographing my thrifted finds right away. This will help me keep track of what I spent and ensure that I have a before shot for any future refashions. I still have things (a black DKNY trench coat, at least 2 dresses and a sweater) that I’ve never posted about.

Anyway. I was inspired to hit the thrift after spending some time checking out a new (to me) blog yesterday. Vintage Vandalizm, an insanely gorgeous and stylish New Yorker, is sooooo inspiring. Reading her blog has reignited my passion for thirfted clothing and my desire to do more outfit posting.

 Today I planned to look for:

  • light colored or printed, pants and jeans
  • long and/or over-sized dresses to refashion

Look what I found


Due Per Due {100% Silk} Ensemble

Due Per Due 100% Silk Ensemble $4.59

Due Per Due 100% Silk Ensemble $4.59

These are a bit frumpy worn together, but I think they have great potential as separates.

Due Per Due 100% Silk Ensemble $4.59

I’m always in awe of the cute novelty prints other bloggers thrift. I’m so happy to have found this! Look at how cute it is!

Due Per Due 100% Silk Ensemble

Banana Republic {Stretch} Jeans

Banana Republic Jeans $4.00

Banana Republic Jeans $4.00

Banana Republic Jeans

I’m still replacing the jeans that are too big for me. These fit a bit tight…but for $4 if I tire of them, no big deal. I’m so used to skinnies or super wide leg now, this boot cut fit looks weird. I might taper the legs.

K & Company {100% Rayon} Dress

K & Company 100% Rayon Dress $6.39

K & Company 100% Rayon Dress $6.39

K & Company 100% Rayon Dress $6.39

I’ve been intrigued about wearing longer dresses since seeing the success some fashion bloggers have had with them. This needs some work. I think the pockets are causing the side seams to bulge a little bit. It’s also a size 10, which is too big up top on me. The shoulder pads don’t help things, either.

::Deal of the Day::

7 Brand {Stretch} Jeans

7 Jeans for $7.39

7 Jeans for $7.39

I’m still a bit flabbergasted by this…these retail for $169 on their site. Who the hell GAVE these away??!?!?

They’re a little too long. But that’s an easy fix.
7 Jeans for $7.39

No luck on the light colored pants today. The Salvation Army has more (WAY more) pants to choose from, but no fitting room. I’m bursting with ideas for the polka dot dress and the silk separates. I’ll be back soon with some inspiration pictures.

Happy rest of the day to you!

KCWC :: Projects One & Two

The girls’ dresses are


Cute Bots {Simplicity 3530} A-Line Dress

Cute Bot Simplicity 3530

Cute Bot Simplicity 3530

Cute Bot Simplicity 3530

Cute Bot Simplicity 3530

Cute Bots {Luv in the Mommyhood} Sweetheart Dress

Cute Bot Sweetheart Dress

Cute Bot Sweetheart Dress

Cute Bot Sweetheart Dress

These were done in sprint sewing fashion this afternoon. I was (AM) dead tired, but I wanted to avoid napping because that has been leading to staying up late that night. So, I sewed to stay awake.

I’m really happy with these. And, more importantly, so are the girls!! The little one in particular is ecstatic. Both that I (finally) made her a dress (she asks for one every single time I sew) and that she matches her big sis.

Missy is nearly the same height as me, so I was able to use the same pattern as my Luck of the Concrete Jungle Dress for her. I just placed the edge of the pattern piece a little beyond the fold so that the dress would be a bit smaller. I think that worked just fine.

The Sweetheart dress has pattern pieces to download, but my little girl is a tall-ish, lanky five year-old. I made a slightly larger bodice by placing the pattern piece a bit behind the fold and cutting a little beyond the edge of the pieces. It worked a treat. In a sweet little touch, the pink buttons used on both dresses were in the sewing box that my grandmother gave me!


The Convert Circle Skirt

I wasn’t sure I’d like this on me. This circular skirt business. I might be a convert.
The Convert Circle  Skirt

The Facts | Circle Skirt Challenge
Fabric | A free, 100% cotton, bed sheet for the skirt and a remnant from a refashion for the top.
Pattern | I used a mash up of knowledge to figure out how to cut the waist circle (then got scared it would be too small and ended up making it too big! Trust your math!) and I used the scalloped waistband from this pattern. I winged it on the top.
Year | Current, but sort of vintage in feel, I think.
Notions | Thread, zipper and buttons.
Time to complete | A few hours over a couple of days for the skirt. I let it hang for a day or so, but I went the cheater’s way on the hem and just serged and folded it under (as you can see below if you look closely). I spent too much time on that damn top! I do love those turquoise buttonholes and buttons on it.
First worn | While freezing to death in my living room! It is soooo cold in NYC!
Wear again? | Yes…maybe. I like how it looks in the pics, but the skirt is less than perfect. I cut a section off to make it fit the waistband. It seemed fine, but I think it ultimately resulted in the back, near the zipper, falling a bit funny. And this material will wrinkle like an SOB if I sit in it. The top will likely see a lot of wear, though.
Total price | A few bucks? I got the bed sheet from a giveaway bin in front of a store that was going out of business. The original skirt that the shirt fabric is from was only $6 and this is the second thing made from it.

The Convert Circle  Skirt

I do like the way it looks. I feel a bit dainty in it, lol. I love all of the cropped top/high waist skirt combos that have been popping up on blogs and pinterest. I’m happy to get in on the game with that peek of belly ;D

I can also wear the top without it tied up. I probably should have taken this pic before the others, the bottom is a little bunchy. This fabric is meant to be twisted and scrunched while wet so that it will crinkle,  it will look better after a spin in the wash.
Remnant Refashion

Some obligatory circle skirt poses.

The semi swirl.
The Convert Circle  Skirt

The spread.
The Convert Circle  Skirt

Demure kneeling.
The Convert Circle  Skirt

And (blurry) twirling!
The Convert Circle  Skirt

This project was featured on Recycled Fashion Finds!!

KCWC :: Day One

Good news!! I made it to the meet-up last night! In the continued tradition of crafty people being awesome, Lee offered me a ride home if I decided to brave the weather! Wasn’t that so nice?!? I got myself dressed, ran for the bus (which I F#&@ing hate!) and made it there mostly dry. With dessert. Score! Everyone was lovely, I had a great time and even came home with a couple pieces of fabric and a few new patterns. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening.

Today has been all about sewing. I finished up my Sew Weekly stuff and took my photos earlier and I’ve just finished cutting out my girls’ dresses.

kcwc2012::Day One

Luv in the Mommyhood Sweetheart Dress :: Simplicity 3530

This is exciting stuff guys. I am running on the fumes, of fumes at this point. I am totally wiped out, but I really wanted to make the most of this week because I love the thought behind it and I know that my children will really appreciate what I make them. I’m sticking to the theme, though, so no overtaxing just to showoff how much I can complete. I’m done for the day, and that’s OK.

This fabric is so beautiful, I’m having that terrible oh-no-I-can’t-waste-it!! fever about making them something that they will outgrow. (Thank goodness for blogging, I was taking an in progress pic and realized I pinned the front of 3530 with the robots upside down) I’m battling it, though. But, I’m on the fence with the boys’ projects. The fabric is generously wide and I bought three yards each, I think. So, I could make both boys shorts and still line the blazer in the future?? But, they love to play on the floor and are quite tough on their pants…I do have these shirt patterns I could use instead.

McCall's 4285

Butterick 3475

And still have enough for the blazer and probably shorts, too. Decisions…

Kid’s Clothes Week SP2012

I was all jazzed to go to a sewing meet-up tonight, but it’s raining and cold and my damn train is not running this weekend (G train, I shake my fist at you!) so…I’m moping (and blogging) instead.

It’s that time of year again. The time when my selfish sewing ceases and I make something for the kiddies.

I just noticed that my oldest son tore a hole in the knee of his Dr. Seuss jammies, so I guess new PJ pants are on deck. I’ve been keeping track of kid’s stuff and boy and girl sewing projects and inspiration on Pinterest.

I hope to make them some things that can be worn outside of the house this time around.

Here is my ambitious list:

A dress for the Little Girl

A dress for the Big Girl
Butterick 3530

Shorts for the Bigger Boy

And (hopefully) a blazer (he LOVES blazers) for the Littler Boy

If I get at least the jammies made, I’ll consider it a successful week.

I’ve got a ton of plaid shirting that I can use for the shorts, some of this gorgeous robot linen blend for the girls’ dresses and I hope to use the blue version of the linen to line the jacket with khaki chino for the outer.

Hey, would cute bot shorts look too wacky? I mean, he’s only 6 years old. If you can’t wear robot shorts then, when can you??