Grandma’s Sewing Box

Grandma's Sewing Box

This was my paternal grandmother’s. She gave it to me on Saturday. Actually, she’d given it to me before then, but my dad took us (me and the kids) home Saturday so I didn’t have to lug it (and us) on the bus.

I’ve already put my thread inside. I would never have guessed I had this many. I just bought a spool of blue and had a new one in my thread tin already.
With my thread inside

She had a MESS of zippers inside.
A Mess of Zippers, Literally

Some buttons.


And some seriously COOL buttons!
Cool Ass Buttons!

Cool Ass Buttons!

Cool Ass Buttons!

I wish there were more. They might work for these jackets, though.

Simplicty 4799

Vogue 1128

Thanks for the anniversary wishes!!

We spent the day in with the kiddies, but we have a movie date to see the Hunger Games tomorrow ;o)


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