Spring Break is Grinding to a Halt

And I haz a sad šŸ˜¦

I’ve really enjoyed this time off from thinking about school, well, I thought about it after I unexpectedly received a call about interning this summer. I had begun an application for federal internships after getting an email about them from school, but I didn’t complete it once I realized I would probably have to relocate to DC for the summer in order to accept one. I thought nothing else of it, until someone from the organization left me a voicemail about my incomplete app and asked me to call back because they were very interested in working with me.

After I dug around the net to locate the organization, and found out that the NY branch of the office they offered me a position in would not be utilizing interns this year, I called back and left a messageĀ  declining the offer. They called again and asked if I was sure that coming to DC wasn’t an option. Nice! While I am disappointed that I cannot take the position, it was extremely gratifying to be sought after. Hopefully, I can take advantage their future NY offers.

What else have I done…..I read a ton (An Available Man and too many Jane Austen retellings to mention) and watched some of my fave movies.

I also went on a class trip with the twins. We saw a puppet show version of Puss in Boots at Puppetworks in Park Slope. The show was excellent!!

Every time I see a marionette up close, I wonder about its construction. I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head, so I will refrain from investigating too much LOL!

Ā  Right now, I’m reading

(a re-telling of Jane Eyre), working on my Mad Men themed projects for next week (No input from hubby this time, but he’s looking forward to supervising my photo shoot, lol. My Luck of the Concrete Jungle Dress was a big hit over there! It is so nice to read the sweet comments from the other members. My Frida projects were very well received, too!)

and trying to go through my magazines and rip out the inspiring things within. My sewing room looks like a clutter bomb blew up in it, so, along with gearing up for a return to schoolwork, I will spend part of tomorrow clearing the floor in this place.

What’s your Sunday looking like?


2 thoughts on “Spring Break is Grinding to a Halt

    • I did!! It was too short, of course ;P

      I am comforting myself with reminders that it will be over for the semester soon-ish.


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