Sew Weekly Post is Up!

The Polyester Dream Refashion!

JJ Dean of California Vintage Dress :: Refashioned

Look at what this nice lady said over at the Sew Weekly!

That’s one hell of a compliment! I love sewing peeps!

The Facts Refashion Challenge

Fabric: I bought this JJ Dean of California polyester dream from The Urban Jungle (a MEGA thrift store) in Bushwick, Brooklyn for about $10.
Pattern: n/a
Year: Not sure, the tag is totally faded. But definitely a polyester heavy era.
Notions: Thread
Accessories: Silk scarf from the Salvation Army ($1.99!!), Forever 21 belt, Nine West shoes, and a much needed slip from Target.
Time to complete: About 1 hour
First worn: For these pics
Wear again? Yes!! But with something between it and my skin. This is kind of yucky poly. Blech!

JJ Dean of California Vintage Dress :: Refashioned

Do you see my vintage suitcases there? I love them, but they are currently the nicest thing in my living room, lol. You can also see our abundance of DVDs. These are piled in two deep and doesn’t show the digital copies we own. We like movies. I did graduate with a degree in screenwriting ;p

JJ Dean of California Vintage Dress :: Refashioned

These statues are from my only international trip. I went to Senegal on a study abroad trip for 30 days in the year 2000. I was disgustingly home sick (and preggers). This fact helped me chose between majoring in anthropology or film (those two areas seem so disparate, don’t they?), I couldn’t handle being away from everyone I knew. And, yes, that is a speaker they are sitting on. My husband loves music like I love books. The upper cabinet is filled to the brim with CD cases. Remember those??

Some ruffle action.

Ruffle Collar

I bought this dress from The Urban Jungle in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Its tag says it’s made by JJ Dean of California. Here it is before:

JJ Dean of California Vintage Dress :: Before

Not bad, but it ain’t great. I also snapped a halfway point pic which compares short sleeves to sleeveless. I’m glad I got rid of them all together. One shouldn’t try to look like a frigid librarian or British boarding school mistress, lol. I didn’t expect to like this so much! I may have to remake it in a better fabric. One that won’t make me sweat to death!

And for those of you who may want to know, my grandma is coming home tonight! There are no blockages in her heart, which means it’s her blood pressure which is stress related. The blockage may have been easier to deal with in this family.

This make is also a part of the link party over at

Recycled Fashion


11 thoughts on “Sew Weekly Post is Up!

  1. Your dress turned out beautiful! I like the halfway with the short sleeve too… but I guess that’s just me. I hear what your saying about some fabric’s that make us over heat! Isn’t that the pits? The color of the fabric is pretty too!

    • Thank you!! I think I prefer it sleeveless because I’m a tank top girl. And because I need all the skin exposure I can get with this hot fabric!


  2. Yay! This looks fabulous! I think sleeveless was the way to go– it’s a bit conservative otherwise. You have such a good eye for refashions! I totally would have passed over this dress! Glad to hear your grandma is doing better…

    • Thanks! I was thrifting with an open mind the day I bought this. My husband was skeptical of this one when I showed him what I bought that day, lol


  3. This is a lovely dress, and quite a transformation. It’s amazing how good some dresses become, when sleeves are removed. Glad your Grandma is doing better 🙂

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