Vintage Luggage

Vintage Samsonite Luggage

Vintage Samsonite Luggage

Vintage Samsonite Luggage

Vintage Samsonite Luggage: Interior

Vintage Samsonite Luggage: Former owner details

Purchased from a New Yorker on the Upper East Side via Craigslist. I paid $50 for both. They are pristine on the inside and came with both sets of keys. I become determined to find more of these to add to my collection thanks to them popping up in pictures over on the Laneway. I ended up searching for these on Craigslist when I realized they would cost a fortune to have shipped from an etsy seller. It took me forever to get home the day I picked them up, as the trains were running all wacky in their usual weekend service patterns. I actually saw a really great chair set out for trash in the building next to the one I was going to. Those are times I wish I had a car, lol.

Anyway, they are INSANELY heavy and so beautiful in person, both the kids and hubby love them, too. They are hanging out in the living room, filled with children’s artwork and supplies for the time being. They’re featured in my upcoming Sew Weekly photos, which means that I have sewn something! It’s kind of a cheat as it’s a refashion but…Woohoooooo! anyway. AND I’ve been on top of my schoolwork, mostly ;o)

In not so good news, my grandma is in the hospital. Which we weren’t really expecting, not that you ever can anticipate this kind of thing. She has a weak heart and a stubborn streak. She is also intensely private, so I will leave it at that. The last time we spoke she reamed me out for putting her wedding picture on my (private) FB page. I didn’t know she was in the hospital until an entire day later. That should tell you a bit about the state of my relationship with my extended family.

But, that’s neither here nor there. There will be sewing soon, let us focus on that.


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