Who can finish that phrase?? Let’s look at the very helpful definition (where is that sarcasm font???) that Urban Dictionary provides for us, shall we?

I’ve been thinking a lot about body issues lately. As I stated in my last post, I have dropped a few lbs. Though it is literally a few pounds, they make a huge difference in the way that my clothes fit. Something about the shlumpiness I feel in my slightly too big clothes serves to highlight my unhappiness with my chesitcals. I have always been small busted, but somehow lately I have been feeling… no busted. There are tons of celebs who are lusted after that share this fate. They seem to wear their flat chests proudly. Is this illusion or fact, I wonder.

1. Kiera Knighty, 2. Debra Messing, 3. Liya Kebede, 4. zoe-saldana, 5. Thandie Newton, 6. Ulyana Sergeenko

Hell, Debra Messing was a good enough sport to endure being the butt of several no boobies jokes while on Will & Grace! I don’t know that I could do that….I’m questioning the wisdom of this post.

I tried to dig myself out of this funk by playing with makeup. This is a go-to strategy that usually fails. I am never going to be a full makeup girl. I have returned most of it, thanks to my sister pointing out that I could. I was this close to dyeing my hair, too. It’s at a weird length right now. It’s too big to wear out because it’s cold and my hats won’t fit on it that way. I’ve decided to wait until the spring and consider it again. I’ve even been putting off visiting tattoo parlors with the hubby lest I end up with something I will permanently regret.

I get this restless MUST CHANGE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW feeling often, but it is more acute at the moment. I think it may be the one-two punch of too much beautiful people blog gazing and fashion magazine overload. Pinterest is a good thing (a really good thing) but it has upped my beauty quotient by a lot. That in turn, I think, has affected my spirits. I know it nearly had an affect on my pocket book with all of my beauty purchase splurges. I am still stuck with a pair of these after seeing them on a blog. You tell me where a mom of four, who can barely walk in heels, plans to go in these babies??

Will taking a break from a semi steady diet of online and print beautiful people make a difference? Weigh in. Please.


18 thoughts on “Itty-Bitty-T—–

  1. I know that general body dissatisfaction thing. It’s so irritating—the self-directed equivalent of someone who can *always* find a fault with you, if you’ve ever known anyone like that (hi, mom!)

    To tell you the truth, I have always wanted small, perky, youthful chesticles, and the women you pictured have my dream shape. So I think you’re lucky 🙂 But ultimately, I think we all need to someday learn to love what we have and treat it kindly. I think a perfection diet could help, but I like to be inspired by beautiful stuff. I think the trick is not internalizing it, not comparing yourself to it. For me, it meant getting rid of the full-length mirrors in our house for a while. Drastic, but it helped me a lot, and even now I’m more likely to go on what I know and feel about my body rather than what I think other people see. It’s still tough, though.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Eunny. I think most people suffer from “the grass is greener” type feelings on bodies and more. I think on my best days I can appreciate my shape but with the total overload of beautiful people the bad days can really suck. You know? I try to keep a level head about it for my girls, I don’t want to affect their body image.

      We actually don’t have a full length mirror, or a scale, in our home. And we’ve been without them for several years. It makes sewing difficult, lol, but it keeps me relatively sane. Thanks again for sharing.


  2. I’m also a member of the IBT committee, so I get where you’re coming from. I used to be really self conscious about it, but lately I’ve stopped caring as much. One thing that really helps is making lists of things that we can do because of our mosquito bites. We can wear low cut shirts without scandalizing people by our cleavage. We can lay on our stomachs. We can run around without our lady bits flopping around. Heck, minimal sagging.

    For me, I think that reminding myself that boobs don’t really matter helps a lot too. I’m no worse of a dancer or a lover because of my chest size. My boyfriend regularly tells me that he likes my boobs, and I don’t even have any! Anyway, I’m rambling, but as long as people love you than it doesn’t really matter!

    • You are SO right, Meli!! At the end of the day, it does not matter AT ALL. I mean, look at how many times Halle Berry has had her heart broken and she’s got a great rack :o)
      My kiddies and hubby and sister and mother-in-law, in short, no one that matters cares about that at all.

  3. Well, for some reason my sister got all the breasts in the family and I got all the booty, so when we stand next to each other, we look like opposites. I always felt cheated, but believe me, she has a much, MUCH harder time finding clothes to fit and is always wishing them away. Why can’t be just be satisfied with what we have…..

    • Human beings can be so fickle. Sometimes, right in the middle of a funky period, I give myself a nice hard mental slap for being so silly. I’ve just had to slap myself, mentally, MUCH more often lately. It’s getting better, though. Thanks for commiserating with me.


      • A little more follow-up here….I’m in Botswana now and I don’t have NEARLY enough going on down below to keep up with the ladies! A lot of women sew their own clothes or have them made, and all I have to say is there there sure must be a lot of swayback, SBA and full booty alterations being made to patterns around here! I feel like I have to put on a few pounds just so I can sway it with confidence like they do 😉

      • You are so funny, Vicki!! When I went to Africa my classmates and I watched some music videos where the ladies danced in a way that let us know that what we do in the US is NOT in the same category. When I was in Senegal, I was often told that I was built like (small on top, bigger on the bottom) and looked like (high cheek bones, big eyes) a Senegalese woman.


  4. I know the feeling! I’ve avoided any kind of fashion/beauty type magazines for years because they just make me feel ugly (or worse, they make me want to spend tons of money!), but I go through spells where I feel super ugly and rectangular. I work with all boys, and I’ve had them make comments to me in the past about how I’m “just one of the boys” or “not a real girl” (or worse, more specific comments about my figure), etc., that just make me feel even more self-conscious about my, ahem, boyish shape. 😦 It doesn’t make me feel better, but I know that every woman has plenty of people that would love to trade bodies with her!

    I do tend to feel better about myself after a successful haircut– maybe you would feel really pretty if you got a new trim or twist. I also feel better about myself when my clothes fit properly– if you’re not drowning in a too-big top, it’s easier to feel like your assets are emphasized a bit more.

    • Ugh, I’ve really got to get off this magazine kick. I get sucked in every couple of years, but this time it’s much worse than usual. I finally live in a location where I don’t have to hunt them down. Easy access has lead to an overload of magazines in my house.

      I think you’re on to something with the haircut/style rec. That might catapult me out of the funk.

      Also, It sucks that boys don’t realize how insensitive they are at times 😦

      Thanks fellow IBTC member ;O)


  5. Being a member of the opposite committee, let me tell you, you’re very lucky. A garment can always be taken in in the bust, but not usually let out all that much, meaning I rarely can buy dresses off the rack. And you’ll never look like an inverted triangle/top heavy. You can get away with high-waisted pants, because there’s actually a distance between your bust and your waist. I can go on and on, but either way your body is what it is and mine is what it is and they’re both lovely in their own right.

    • People always want what they don’t have, right? Like curly girls wanting straight hair and the straights want curls. Human nature. But you are correct, love what you’ve got. It’s great on it’s own and it’s all you’ll get anyway!

      Thanks for your feedback!


  6. Ha! Absolutely! My dear husband remarked on my “bone-age” (as opposed to “cleavage” the other day when I was wearing a lower-than-usual neckline. We are in good company with all those super-model types 😉
    But if it gets you down, try something more fitted / curvaceous. I made a fitted 50’s style top and it totally gave the illusion of shape and curves.

    • Lol @ your hubby! Mine helps me keep a level head about my body woes, too. I did go out and buy a few new, fitted, tops and I’ve been planning a nice 50’s style dress!


  7. Here I am, curvy girl sitting here half watching the Oscars (everyone soooo much thinner than me!), after a day of being photographed for my croquis & hubby outlining my body map, analyzing my figure. And trying to see the positive in said figure, the one my sisters never failed to point out flaws. Thinking sheesh, I’m too old to feel shitty about my body. I feel you. The grass is always greener. You can wear slinky things, go braless, be perky. So be perky in mind, too, beautiful!

    • You are so awesome, Lavender! Thanks for your input and kind words. I have that I’m too old for this shit feeling sometimes, too. It seems crazy that the body issues I’m preparing myself to potentially coach my daughters through are the same ones I still have! It has to stop.


  8. Pinterest XP Its like 300+ glossy magazines on steroids all kicking you in the face simultaneously. DOn’t ever feel down about your breasts. I know 3 people in my age group that have had breast reductions, and they’re loving the new thems! Lets just say the bigger they are the faster they fall XP No offence meant to the boobically-blessed but I don’t know anyone that has mighty honkers that loves them. Ill fitting clothes, chronic back pain, bra-fitting problems, inability to lift their babies because their back’s too messed up form a life time of supporting their boobies etcetc. Also, all of the women you’ve pictured up there are smoking hot! All of the guys I know (including mine 😉 love slight to athletically built women with small breasts (Keira Knightly is a fine example). Clothes just look better on them (in my opinion) if you want to see what I mean Google up on images from the Laureus awards.Guess what? Most of those women have your body type and they are they look better in their evening wear then any silicon enhanced excuse for ‘celebrity’ on pinterest ;).

    • Thanks for your support!! It stinks that insecurities continue to flare up despite age, and the supposed wisdom that should come with it ;o) I try to remain positive. I succeed most of the time.


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