Art Immersion or Distraction?

Hey. I think I’ve discussed my tendency to procrastinate via absorption into other interests? Yes? I thought so. I have apparently kicked into overdrive with TWO things to avoid. The Sew Weekly and School.

I’ve been reading, my favorite diversion. More Austen continuations and the lady herself. Reading from Darcy’s perspective made me want to read P&P.

And I’ve been reading about Frida and ordering Frida calendars and stickers and then I ended up with a HEAP of other artists in the cart. We’ve been immersed in art over here. This book is so beautiful.

As is the story of Diego ordering Frida’s dressing area sealed for 50 years. This book has me thinking of bumping that Casa Azul trip up the priority list a few notches. Frida Kahlo is such a compelling figure. I know I am certainly not the first to become enchanted with her and I will not be the last.

Anyway, school avoidance hasn’t been too bad so far. These courses are taught by the most laid back of profs, so there’s been no heavy lifting yet. The Sew Weekly on the other hand, I’ve been out of the game (so to speak) since I was Gal Friday-ing it up. I cannot get a rhythm going. A harmony between school, sewing, parenting, wife-ing, me-ing.

On top of that, my Saturday’s are busy again with dance and drumming (piano was full) lessons. That little extra bit of busy and a waxing and waning appetite equals I’ve dropped weight. Again. I don’t want to spend time making something for it to fit for a few months and then be too small….And for me, losing weight always brings back my gangly pre-teen I’m too skinny body issues. Which sucks. Seriously. I recently tried on 10 pairs of jeans before I found some that fit right.

What do you guys sew during weight shifts??

Well, I have to work on something for school now. A SWOT analysis of Krispey Kreme. I don’t even eat their donuts! Lol Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “Art Immersion or Distraction?

    • There are so many to choose from!! Some are really, really dreadful, but Amanda Grange seemed to capture the Jane’s style well. And who doesn’t love Darcy??


  1. I keep getting distracted by the Sew Weekly, and did something this week even though I really need to focus on other things. It was part of my winter palette challenge, though 😉 I never feel too skinny, but did lose weight over the summer, and some has come back. It’s frustrating to fluctuate, especially as I like fitted garments…. usually I just sew for the current fit.

    • I’ve decided to just sew for my body as is, too. It’s kind of frustrating though, the next two things I want to work on (after the art challenge) are fitted dresses. It is so easy to go from fitted to too, tight.


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