Wow, I never realized how hard it would to only choose three people!

I want to give you all a pattern 😦

But then I’d be nearly broke, lol!

The three lucky ladies are…………..


Woohoo!! I have to tell you guys, I am so lame that I’m writing this post at like 12:15am, lol. I couldn’t wait to see who the winners would be. I’ve already emailed you guys and everything.

I want to thank everyone for entering (and in Veronica Darling’s case, tweeting the giveaway :D), your kind words about my children and their achievements and for the kind things that were said about me as result of them. So sweet! I am totally doing this again. It was so much fun!!

As you’re reading this I will have dragged my sick self to dance class (Daughter#1 is taking a break from art classes this term) and possibly a piano lesson (Son#1 has been telling me songs in musical notes for two weeks) if things work out.

Wish me luck!


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