GIVEAWAY! Last day to enter!

Hi again ;D

My emoticon is smiling, but I am not. I am sick. Blech! It’s not too terrible, I don’t usually get very, very sick. Knock on wood. But it still sucks. I’m hoping to avoid doing much after I pick up the kids from school, but they were expecting a grandma’s house visit, so we’ll see.

So you don’t think they missed out of the gift giving goodness, I will tell you that they have all  gotten little treats over the last couple of weeks. Everyone got a new book, and we checked out some funny ones from the library. My oldest is reading the Dork Diaries series. She was delighted that her friends were jealous that she got the newest one before all of them, lol.

I bought them all t-shirts yesterday while I was at H&M. I was in the city getting a textbook which is, shockingly, actually quite interesting. They’ve gotten other little treats recently, too. We don’t do big holiday and b-day celebrations, so I tend to buy them things I know they will like whenever I want. Like random piles of dollar section treats :o)

Back to the GIVEAWAY!

Enter on THIS POST for a chance to win!


Colette Patterns Clover!


One pattern of the winner’s choosing from Victory Patterns!


One pattern of the winner’s choosing from Pattern Runway!

You have until midnight TONIGHT (eastern time) to comment HERE with which one you would prefer. I will choose the winners randomly. Those winning pdf’s will get them straight from the designer after I’ve purchased them and I will mail off Clover to its winner on Monday!


Enter on THIS POST for a chance to win!


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