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At my Frida inspired creations. Yes, you read that right. Creations!

These made use of two pattern books that I have in my library, one of which was used for the first time!

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I mostly wanted to post on leap day. Cause I am lame, haha.

For putting up with me, I will leave you these links to my pinboards, where new and awesome stuff has been filed away for the future.

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Sew Weekly Post is Up!

The Polyester Dream Refashion!

JJ Dean of California Vintage Dress :: Refashioned

Look at what this nice lady said over at the Sew Weekly!

That’s one hell of a compliment! I love sewing peeps!

The Facts Refashion Challenge

Fabric: I bought this JJ Dean of California polyester dream from The Urban Jungle (a MEGA thrift store) in Bushwick, Brooklyn for about $10.
Pattern: n/a
Year: Not sure, the tag is totally faded. But definitely a polyester heavy era.
Notions: Thread
Accessories: Silk scarf from the Salvation Army ($1.99!!), Forever 21 belt, Nine West shoes, and a much needed slip from Target.
Time to complete: About 1 hour
First worn: For these pics
Wear again? Yes!! But with something between it and my skin. This is kind of yucky poly. Blech!

JJ Dean of California Vintage Dress :: Refashioned

Do you see my vintage suitcases there? I love them, but they are currently the nicest thing in my living room, lol. You can also see our abundance of DVDs. These are piled in two deep and doesn’t show the digital copies we own. We like movies. I did graduate with a degree in screenwriting ;p

JJ Dean of California Vintage Dress :: Refashioned

These statues are from my only international trip. I went to Senegal on a study abroad trip for 30 days in the year 2000. I was disgustingly home sick (and preggers). This fact helped me chose between majoring in anthropology or film (those two areas seem so disparate, don’t they?), I couldn’t handle being away from everyone I knew. And, yes, that is a speaker they are sitting on. My husband loves music like I love books. The upper cabinet is filled to the brim with CD cases. Remember those??

Some ruffle action.

Ruffle Collar

I bought this dress from The Urban Jungle in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Its tag says it’s made by JJ Dean of California. Here it is before:

JJ Dean of California Vintage Dress :: Before

Not bad, but it ain’t great. I also snapped a halfway point pic which compares short sleeves to sleeveless. I’m glad I got rid of them all together. One shouldn’t try to look like a frigid librarian or British boarding school mistress, lol. I didn’t expect to like this so much! I may have to remake it in a better fabric. One that won’t make me sweat to death!

And for those of you who may want to know, my grandma is coming home tonight! There are no blockages in her heart, which means it’s her blood pressure which is stress related. The blockage may have been easier to deal with in this family.

This make is also a part of the link party over at

Recycled Fashion

Upcoming Sew Weekly Themes

Look at what the Sew Weekly theme for next week is!!Creations inspired by ART!!! And, for me, ART!!!=Frida!!

I’ve been perusing these books for inspiration. They are providing a bit too much, I think.

I am bursting with ideas! I’ve had to check any number of wild plans and have thrice stopped myself from ordering some heavily embroidered fabric or brocade that is not my style. I love Frida, but I don’t think I want to dress exactly like her. And I KNOW I don’t want to sew things that I will not wear.

The key word here is inspired by her art. But with Frida, she is her art! Literally! How can I separate Frida the woman from her paintings?? They are one in the same.

The Lady Herself:

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest

And some interpretations of her style

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest

I’m not so jazzed about the Pantone challenge, if it means I have to use that tangerine color. I don’t care for orange…. I have never seen even one episode of Mad Men, but I have, of course, read tons about its style. I have the perfect pattern and fabric for that one. Let’s hope the mojo is there, too.

Vintage Luggage

Vintage Samsonite Luggage

Vintage Samsonite Luggage

Vintage Samsonite Luggage

Vintage Samsonite Luggage: Interior

Vintage Samsonite Luggage: Former owner details

Purchased from a New Yorker on the Upper East Side via Craigslist. I paid $50 for both. They are pristine on the inside and came with both sets of keys. I become determined to find more of these to add to my collection thanks to them popping up in pictures over on the Laneway. I ended up searching for these on Craigslist when I realized they would cost a fortune to have shipped from an etsy seller. It took me forever to get home the day I picked them up, as the trains were running all wacky in their usual weekend service patterns. I actually saw a really great chair set out for trash in the building next to the one I was going to. Those are times I wish I had a car, lol.

Anyway, they are INSANELY heavy and so beautiful in person, both the kids and hubby love them, too. They are hanging out in the living room, filled with children’s artwork and supplies for the time being. They’re featured in my upcoming Sew Weekly photos, which means that I have sewn something! It’s kind of a cheat as it’s a refashion but…Woohoooooo! anyway. AND I’ve been on top of my schoolwork, mostly ;o)

In not so good news, my grandma is in the hospital. Which we weren’t really expecting, not that you ever can anticipate this kind of thing. She has a weak heart and a stubborn streak. She is also intensely private, so I will leave it at that. The last time we spoke she reamed me out for putting her wedding picture on my (private) FB page. I didn’t know she was in the hospital until an entire day later. That should tell you a bit about the state of my relationship with my extended family.

But, that’s neither here nor there. There will be sewing soon, let us focus on that.


Who can finish that phrase?? Let’s look at the very helpful definition (where is that sarcasm font???) that Urban Dictionary provides for us, shall we?

I’ve been thinking a lot about body issues lately. As I stated in my last post, I have dropped a few lbs. Though it is literally a few pounds, they make a huge difference in the way that my clothes fit. Something about the shlumpiness I feel in my slightly too big clothes serves to highlight my unhappiness with my chesitcals. I have always been small busted, but somehow lately I have been feeling… no busted. There are tons of celebs who are lusted after that share this fate. They seem to wear their flat chests proudly. Is this illusion or fact, I wonder.

1. Kiera Knighty, 2. Debra Messing, 3. Liya Kebede, 4. zoe-saldana, 5. Thandie Newton, 6. Ulyana Sergeenko

Hell, Debra Messing was a good enough sport to endure being the butt of several no boobies jokes while on Will & Grace! I don’t know that I could do that….I’m questioning the wisdom of this post.

I tried to dig myself out of this funk by playing with makeup. This is a go-to strategy that usually fails. I am never going to be a full makeup girl. I have returned most of it, thanks to my sister pointing out that I could. I was this close to dyeing my hair, too. It’s at a weird length right now. It’s too big to wear out because it’s cold and my hats won’t fit on it that way. I’ve decided to wait until the spring and consider it again. I’ve even been putting off visiting tattoo parlors with the hubby lest I end up with something I will permanently regret.

I get this restless MUST CHANGE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW feeling often, but it is more acute at the moment. I think it may be the one-two punch of too much beautiful people blog gazing and fashion magazine overload. Pinterest is a good thing (a really good thing) but it has upped my beauty quotient by a lot. That in turn, I think, has affected my spirits. I know it nearly had an affect on my pocket book with all of my beauty purchase splurges. I am still stuck with a pair of these after seeing them on a blog. You tell me where a mom of four, who can barely walk in heels, plans to go in these babies??

Will taking a break from a semi steady diet of online and print beautiful people make a difference? Weigh in. Please.

Art Immersion or Distraction?

Hey. I think I’ve discussed my tendency to procrastinate via absorption into other interests? Yes? I thought so. I have apparently kicked into overdrive with TWO things to avoid. The Sew Weekly and School.

I’ve been reading, my favorite diversion. More Austen continuations and the lady herself. Reading from Darcy’s perspective made me want to read P&P.

And I’ve been reading about Frida and ordering Frida calendars and stickers and then I ended up with a HEAP of other artists in the cart. We’ve been immersed in art over here. This book is so beautiful.

As is the story of Diego ordering Frida’s dressing area sealed for 50 years. This book has me thinking of bumping that Casa Azul trip up the priority list a few notches. Frida Kahlo is such a compelling figure. I know I am certainly not the first to become enchanted with her and I will not be the last.

Anyway, school avoidance hasn’t been too bad so far. These courses are taught by the most laid back of profs, so there’s been no heavy lifting yet. The Sew Weekly on the other hand, I’ve been out of the game (so to speak) since I was Gal Friday-ing it up. I cannot get a rhythm going. A harmony between school, sewing, parenting, wife-ing, me-ing.

On top of that, my Saturday’s are busy again with dance and drumming (piano was full) lessons. That little extra bit of busy and a waxing and waning appetite equals I’ve dropped weight. Again. I don’t want to spend time making something for it to fit for a few months and then be too small….And for me, losing weight always brings back my gangly pre-teen I’m too skinny body issues. Which sucks. Seriously. I recently tried on 10 pairs of jeans before I found some that fit right.

What do you guys sew during weight shifts??

Well, I have to work on something for school now. A SWOT analysis of Krispey Kreme. I don’t even eat their donuts! Lol Wish me luck.

Bienvenidos a mi casa, Frida!

I bought myself two Frida painting prints! They are 8×10, framed (behind glass) and were only $5 each! I love art school supply stores 😉

These two beauties will live in my room, I think.

Self Portrait Between the Borderline of Mexico and the United States


Frieda y Diego Rivera

They had more the first time I saw them in the store. I want them all, in particular The Two Frida’s and What the Water Gave me. Elsa just posted about viewing The Two Frida’s in person!! This may be the only time in my life I wished to be from Cali. I would love the visit Casa Azul. One day…In the meantime, there are tons of books to read about Frida and this pretty calendar to get some prints of her work  on the cheap.

Do you have a favorite artist?