New To Me Goods

I spent way too much time trolling through Esme and the Laneway recently. I fell in love with this trench coat (among other things, I’ve pinned half a dozen of them) and then spent additional hours searching Etsy for something that could approxaimate it. It suddenly occurred to me that my location in Brooklyn borders thrift shoppers havens on two sides. I should just go look in person. Duh!

I didn’t find an Esme coat, but I struck gold nonetheless! Here are some of the spoils.

Lady Like

Gloves $3 each
The pink pair is suede and wool, and brand new with the tags still on.
Scarf $2
It’s some sort of faux cashmere that is DEAD soft.

Ralph Lauren Leather Gloves $2

There were tons of leather gloves in this place. But their previous owner had the tiniest hands ever! Most were too small for me to get on.

Zara Purse $10

Zara $10.
I was looking for a new huge bag like this! But I am too cheap for a new or fancy one, so this is perfect.

Granny Clip Closure Purse $7

Clippy Granny Purse $7
I was hunting on etsy for these. I’m so glad I waited to buy. I avoided the shipping fees and had tons to chose from.

JCPenny Traincase

This traincase is what lead me to the new to me shops. There was an Etsy seller that gave the option of picking your item up if you were local. He was based within walking distance from my house. On the way there I spotted all of these stores. I could go broke within a three block radius.

I have a few more goodies to show you (including a non-Esme trench and two new vintage suitcases that nearly broke my arms getting them home), an update post about my kiddies (the twins were FIVE yesterday!!) and hopefully some mending and updates to handmade and thrifted goodies that will get them into rotation.


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