Some Entertainment Enhancements

Hey. So, last night totally fucking sucked. I won’t go into too much detail, but I will say that

an olive oil pre-wash hair treatment
washing machine full of uniform shirts
clogged up kitchen sink

That’s what I get for trying to avoid my assigned reading….

By the time things were all worked out (with one more mishap, my blow-dryer comb does not fit the new dryer…..) it was too late to try to sleep, so I just stayed awake until it was time to get the kids up for school. I haven’t pulled an all-nighter since the twins were newborns. They will be 5(!!!!) on Monday.

I consoled myself by playing Words with Friends on my new iPhone! Guys, this is major news. I am of the opinion that one doesn’t need a new phone until the other one is broken. And that you should take the free one that’s being offered in that event. Mine was affordable with the contract renewal (I waited until I was upgrade eligible AND my phone was half broken) so I feel good about my decision to wait. One of my friends was so shocked that I didn’t get whatever bullshit phone AT&T was offering this was her comment of my Facebo*k page:
OMG you’re the reason for the snow. U have a new phone phone and threw off the universe.


Today was seen through a sleep deprived haze. I passed out on the couch at some point. I did manage to answer the door for the UPS man who was bringing me some goodies.

A case, so I don’t break the damn phone now that I’ve given in and bought it.

A case for my Nook (finally) so I can stop stuffing it in whatever empty knitting project bag I can find. It props up! So I can knit and read!

Something new to sew to. I LOVE this movie. Oh, Heath-y! We miss you!

A replacement for the one my sister lost. This is one of the few movies I can tolerate this woman in. Though, it was absolutely ludicrous to try to pass her off as Italian….

Another sister replacement….John Hannah’s voice/accent is one of my favorites.

Another replacement. I love this movie SO MUCH that I’ve worn out the first copy. The DVD simply lost the will to play, lol.

This one is a replacement, too. I consider it the benchmark for a winning romantic comedy. I have absolutely no idea where the first one got to. It could only be in the wrong case or something. How do you lose a DVD in your own house?? Weird.

I am off to iron clothes for tomorrow and read at least one chapter in my textbook. If I’m very lucky, I will fall asleep while reading it thus winning over my strange insomnia! Friend me on instagram and Words with Frinds! I’m NettieBK on both.


One thought on “Some Entertainment Enhancements

  1. I feel a kindred spirit- my phone has dachshund teeth marks, but it isn’t due for a free replacement yet, so I ignore it. I love your comfort movie taste, too! Add Crossing Delancy and you have my go to movies !

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