Back to the Grind

Well, this break has been really very nice. But, it is over. School resumes tomorrow. I have been content to have no responsibility (outside of my family duties, obviosuly) other than to sew, knit and re-watch the same movies and TV shows.

Last term really kicked my ass. I do not look forward to returning to writing papers and commenting on discussion boards. As much as I am looking forward to working in a library in some capacity, I find the schoolwork as dreadfully boring as I was warned it would be.

I’ve also realized that the intense sewing from last week wore me out. Coupled with some real trouble sleeping and a lack of desire to copy any design that I actually had the fabric for and you have no Sew Weekly challenge sewing from me this week. Which is cool. There are many contributors, so I will not be missed.

Anyway. To cheer myself up I scanned all of my patterns and uploaded them to Flickr today. You know, I had been commenting around the sewing blog world that I didn’t really have that many patterns. WRONG! Lol what a joke. They are not all great, and many will certainly never be made, but I do own them. Click-y the pic for the slideshow.

I will be drowning my (first world) sorrows in the last pages of my last non-school book for a while, as my hubs watches endless Giants game highlights on ESPN ;o)


One thought on “Back to the Grind

  1. Ooh, you have some really cute patterns! Happy Back to School– hope the new semester is more fun (or at least less boring), and that you find the time to work on things you want to (or just kick it and relax!)!

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