Buttoned Up Gal Friday

Sew Weekly Challegne 2 :: Buttoned Up

The "Buttoned Up Gal Friday" Ensemble

The Facts Button Challenge

Fabric: Cotton/Lycra Blend Shirting :: about 2 yards @ $1.95 a yard (this fabric was not very wide)
100% Wool Suiting :: about a yard @ $6.49 a yard (this one was very wide)
Patterns: Simplicity 3117 (1959), $6 from Etsy
Simplicity 1688 (1956), Free(!!) from the Sew Weekly NYC Meet-up Pattern Swap!
Year: The 1950’s in Twenty12
Notions: Buttons, lace, velvet ribbon, hook and eye, interfacing
Time to complete: FOREVER!! It’s possible that the alternate universe me is STILL unpicking and restitching this damn skirt. I worked on it almost non stop for 2 days. The shirt was worked in pieces over 4 days.
First worn: To take these pics on 1.15.11
Wear again?: Hell yes! After it warms up and I stop hating the skirt for all the work it was ;p
Total Price: About $20 including notions and minus the 15% off I got on the fabric. That smug feeling of accomplishment is priceless!!

The "Buttoned Up Gal Friday" Ensemble

This skirt was a labor of…LABOR! A simple wrap skirt seems so easy, right? Had I been working with a more agreeable fabric, it would have been. I started this skirt on Friday thinking it would be done in a snap. I was heady with the success of my shirt, particularly the buttonholes, so I may not have been thinking clearly.

This baby has TWELVE darts!

Wtf was I thinking?!? I hate making darts! The waistband was a disaster the first time I applied it (per the instructions), the machine hem looked dreadful. Waistband off, hem unpicked. Waist band reattached, hem hand stitched.

The "Buttoned Up Gal Friday" Ensemble
Then the wool was too sticky to work with my buttonhole attachment. Of course I was nearly at the end of the line by then, so there was nothing for it but to work the buttonholes by hand (!!!!) which, thanks to the forgiving nature of this wool, turned out rather nice!

All of the work was SOOOO worth it, though!! One of my hopes for taking part in this challenge was to produce better quality sewing. I would have NEVER taken this much time to work out the small details if I was making this to post to my blog only. In fact, I am sure that this would have ended up in the UFO pile once I realized the buttonholes were a non starter.

Cuffs sans buttonholes

I tried making this shirt before, but it was too big and the rayon I chose was not a great choice for my first try at making a proper shirt. This time, I folded out about an inch of width in the front and 3/4 of an inch in the back and chose a more stable fabric to work with. Result!

Those pleats should have been “soft” pleats, but I like the look of them stitched down. My machine could not handle the interfacing on the cuffs with the buttonhole attachment on, so I tacked them together. I hadn’t tackled the skirt’s hand stitched buttonholes yet, and doing so here didn’t occur to me. I may go back and add them. I think I would like wearing cufflinks. You can see more pics here.

Ta ta for now, peeps. I’m touching up the old lipstick before I throw on my cardi. I’m headed to happy hour with the other ladies in the typing pool! :o)
The "Buttoned Up Gal Friday" Ensemble


9 thoughts on “Buttoned Up Gal Friday

  1. I agree with Liz. The skirt fits beautifully. The darts are amazing. I love the wrap style. I also like the style of the blouse. Very tailored yet flattering. Greta job.

  2. Sown , as a costumer I am constantly challenge by fabrics , when you have a fabric that’s hates the buttonholes. Try scotch tape on the fabric and use tweerer to put it out that trick have save me many times southern sewing diva

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