I’ve had no real inclination to knit lately. Sewing has officially taken over in 2012. I did commit myself to a yarn related obligation, though. Every year my knitting group, which thanks to the hubby’s schedule I miss most of the time :(, has a gift exchange complete with a Karaoke party. The parties are always awesome! And I have gotten some great gifts that I get a lot of use out of.

I’m always so stumped about what to make. Last year I made this. This ball of yarn has already become something

(in two nights!! WooooHooooo) but I’m plagued with doubt about the recipient loving it. I think I have enough yarn left to make a coordinating project….

Shit! Writing this post has also reminded me (AGAIN) that I have not completed my Pay-it-Forward projects!! DOH! I suck. Must remedy that. And I have just the thing!! My sister went to this awesome place and brought me back TONS of fabric sample scraps. The perfect stuff for quick small projects. And the best thing to keep me awake until bedtime.


4 thoughts on “Yarning

  1. Ugh, I haven’t done my Pay-It-Forward gifts, either! Thanks for reminding me! I never sew small crafty things, and my giftees are all knitters, so won’t be impressed by anything I knit… 😦

  2. ME THREE! and mine have been promised since april 2011!

    @ ginger, i have the same problem, i don’t do small crafty anymore. maybe we need to change the rules up and just get something in a box already…

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