Garbage Picker!

I’ve finally done what I’ve been threatening to do for months. I’ve brought home garbage! Almost everyday I see something on the street that I think I should have a new home. I usually don’t take it because it’s too big to carry or my wish not to try the patience of my long-suffering husband, lol.

He had to endure several back-to-back phone calls last week as I decided whether or not to take the drawers from a dresser out in front of our building. He listened, even though he would rather not have someone’s “garbage” in the house.

But, I absolutely could not leave this!!

Garbage Picking!!

I was just thinking of posting to Freecycle to see if anyone had one of these to give away! This was out in front of a senior’s building I pass when I walk home after dropping off the kids at school. There is always great stuff out front.

Garbage Picker :: Hard Side Suitecase


I don’t see anything that indicates what brand this is. I do know that it is MASSIVE and HEAVY. And that the owner may be a southern lady as there was a Carolina Trailways tag attached to the handle. I wish it still had the date on it.
Garbage Picker!

I love this thing! The inside is pretty clean, with only a few age spots.

Garbage Picker :: Hard Side Suitecase

I’ve already scrubbed it (and then the entire bathroom immediately following) and plan to make something out of it soon!

Here are some of the suitcase ideas I’ve gathered on Pinterest

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest





5 thoughts on “Garbage Picker!

  1. OMG’sh I have that same suitcase chair in my pictures folder from about a month ago!

    Great minds think alike! ;P

    (Does the one at the end of the bed look like a big smiley face?)

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