Family Treasures

I went thrifting in my grandma’s cupboards!! Look at all the goodies I scored!

My Grandparents Framed

These are my mother’s parents. My grandma is about 5’4″ (maybe shorter) and my grandfather is about 6’2″.

My grandfather loved to tell people how tiny my grandma’s waist was when this picture was taken. None of her daughters were able to wear this dress at their wedding. I’m not sure if she still has it or not. When she showed him the other copy of this picture yesterday, I’m not sure he remembered it was him…

Part of the photo stuck to the frame when I removed it to scan it. I cleaned up the frame and glass today, but I need to research the best way to tackle it. I think it could look even better with the right cleansing method.

I ended up searching her place as a result of sitting around thinking about how to achieve some of the home decor looks I’ve been saving on Pinterest. I suddenly remembered that I had my grandma keep some things she was going to get rid of because I was certain that they were worth something. We had been watching a lot of The Antiques Roadshow, lol! She reluctantly kept them and then I forgot all about it until a few days ago. These are some of my favorites.

Crown Bavaria Cups and Saucers

Limoges Bowl


Lefton China Mini Pitcher

My great-grandmother worked as a housekeeper for many Jewish families in East New York/Brownsville, Brooklyn when she was young. Though my grandma can’t be sure where all of these pieces are from, she suspects many of them were given to her mother by families that she had worked for.

My grandma is a serious pack-rat, so her place is filled with items that belonged to her mom and other relatives that she hasn’t touched in…perhaps twenty years. She was also an accomplished seamstress who made all of her own and most of her children’s clothing when they were small. So there is a treasure trove of sewing patterns and vintage fabric somewhere in that apartment. I’m on a mission to find those goodies to use them and display them and make sure that my children have some for their own to look back and retell their stories when they’re my age.

You can see more treasures here!


5 thoughts on “Family Treasures

  1. Oh my gosh, your grandparents look so sweet in that picture! How lovely to have family heirlooms to pass down to your kids! I always feel like those pieces tell a story about your family, even if you don’t always know their origin. Thanks for sharing!

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