Thrifted Bits

Thrifted Bits & a Faux Smile
Yellow Cotton Cardigan :: Halogen :: $4.99
Red Stripe Silk Tie ::Perry Ellis :: $1.99
Spotty Silk Scarf :: Charter Club :: $.99

I said the word smile as the timer light flashed. This always works in that it creates a smile for pics, but they always vary in degrees of genuineness. This one is rather faux ;o)

This is the expression I’m usually wearing.
Thrifted Bits

I have the tendency to look perpetually unhappy.

These expressions are more like the giddy mood I’m in from lack of sleep….

Thrifted Bits :: Fish Face

Thrifted Bits :: Pop Eyes

Thrifted Bits :: Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah

Lol! I was up late washing and twisting my hair.

Thrifted & Tied with a BowIt looks so happy to be shiny and scarf adorned ;o)


2 thoughts on “Thrifted Bits

  1. I love the scarf in your hair – it looks amazing! I also suffer from looking perpetually unhappy. I think for the first few months of my blog all of my pictures have me looking really angry. I have to remind myself to smile or force myself to laugh while having my picture taken so that I don’t go down in history as the grumpy one.

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