Firstly, let me thank you all for your great feedback about my Tux skirt and just general groovy vibes you’ve all been giving me!

I can’t thank you enough!


Here is the first official

Sew Weekly Challenge Project!

The Theme:

Inspiration Necklace :: Freshy Fig on21&Over Skirt :: Etsy

As soon as I read the challenge for this first week this necklace instantly came to mind! My husband gave it to me for our anniversary one year. It’s from etsy seller Freshy Fig and I love it! I always felt that it looked best with neutral colors, which I have few of in my wardrobe.

Enter the Ebony and Ivory Eyelet Raglan Sweater! Neutral at its best!

Ebony and Ivory Eyelet Raglan Sweater :: 21&Over Tube Skirt

I used the basic raglan pattern from Built By Wendy Sew U Home Stretch. I modified it by dropping the neckline (using the method described in the book), extending the side seams into a more A line shape and lengthening it quite a bit. The sleeves were left as I traced them from the pattern. I layered the eyelet knit pattern with a sheer that was in my stash. They work perfectly together.

To wear with my sweater, the 21&Over Tube Skirt (for those whose asses aren’t made to fit into the ones sold in that well known store of a similar name) made from a cotton blend stretch knit. There is no pattern, just improv with some hack/slash/reattach for a better fit where necessary.

The Facts Accessory Challenge
Fabric: Eyelet Sweater Knit from $8.97 for 1.5 yards :: Sheer Black Mystery Fabric (under body of sweater) price unknown :: Black Stretch Cotton Blend fabric from the Garment District app. $2
Pattern: The Basic Raglan from Built By Wendy Sew U Home Stretch, modified :: No pattern used for the skirt.
Year: 2012
Notions: There is a velour/velvet ribbon attached to the inside of the neck of the sweater for stability
Time to complete: 2-3 hours
First worn: For these photos!
Wear again? I will, as soon as it warms up on the East Coast
Total price: About $15 including ribbon and a few $’s for the fabric I can’t recall the price of.

Ebony and Ivory Eyelet Raglan Sweater :: 21&Over Tube Skirt

Overall, I am pleased! I will actually wear these clothes and I finished the first challenge on time, early even! Look I even learned to ham it up some!

Ebony and Ivory Eyelet Raglan Sweater :: 21&Over Tube Skirt

I have dubbed this my Oona pose! LOL

You can see a few more flicks here.

And read a slightly different description over on The Sew Weekly.

6 thoughts on “Accessorize!

  1. Great job! Love the idea of a casual shape fancied up with pretty eyelet! Coincidentally, I was JUST looking at Sew U Home Stretch online this morning– would you recommend it? I have almost 0 experience sewing with knits and would like to pick up some skills!

    • Thanks, I love sewing with and wearing knits!

      As for Sew U, I think the books are great (I have 3 of 4) in that they show you how to adapt basic patterns to make many different looks. They also give a great deal of info about different types fabrics and techniques. The patterns need seam allowance added which is pain, but for the price Amazon charges, I think they’re worth the investment.


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