The Sew Weekly Comes to Sown Brooklyn


I survived the first week of the year! The lost earring saga nearly set me right off track ;(
I’m not ashamed to admit that I wore the same thing to take a pick up the kids from school for three days straight. Hey…I was covered from neck to mid calf in a big black coat. It was COLLLLLLD here! I was pretty active all week, just bummed.

Today, I climbed all the way out of the doldrums and combed my hair and changed my clothes and tried to cheer the hell up ;o) That was mostly due to the need to photograph my challenge outfit for next week. I am one of the contributors to the the newly reconfigured Sew Weekly!

It’s exciting to take on a new challenge, though a bit scary when I think how school starting may affect my ability to keep up with it. The themes leave lots of room for interpretation, which is both good and bad.

My biggest challenge over the next few winter months will be making my photographs interesting and learning how to ham it up! Stay tuned here, and at The Sew Weekly, to see if I succeed!


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