The TUX Skirt

The Tux Skirt

Here it is! DONE!
Not exactly what I planned for it, but that’s the way the ball bounces when you’re a refashionista!

Dude’s Tuxedo Trousers to Tux Skirt
Thrifted :: $5 :; Domsey Express in Brooklyn
White lace top :: Handmade by me :: Pattern :: Lydia from BurdaStyle
Naturalizer Booties :: Free via Freecycle

This page from InStyle is what got me in gear to work on this project this week.

In Style Peplum Dresses

This peplum was reconfigured and rearranged so many times. I’m still not entirely happy with it. I think that’s mostly because the skirt is too small for me. These may have been better suited as shorts.

Tux Skirt, Peplum

 You can’t hear it, but it’s shouting “Warning! Your ass exceeds the maximum capacity limits for this skirt!” LOL!

Tux Skirt, Peplum

That’s too bad! Cause I’m digging the satin strip! The waistband,

Tuxedo Skirt, Side

The only deviation from the standard pants to skirt dealio I made was, I stitched down the pleats closest to the zipper on either side. They buckled out in that horrible way pleated pants always do on me (or anyone with hips). It looks light years better like this.

Tux Skirt, Pleats

There’s tons of exciting (sewing, writing, creating) stuff happening here. My room is a wreck, which usually means that I’m feeling inspired!


13 thoughts on “The TUX Skirt

  1. I think you are being way too harsh on yourself. I think the skirt looks amazing (and amazing on you). The satin ribbon is the key detail I think – built-in cool.

  2. I totally agree with Puu about your rear – it looks like it fits perfectly! I definitely love that you’ve sewn down the front pleats and kept the satin ribbon. A totally fantastic piece!

  3. Yep…. I hear you about how pleats work all wrong sometimes… at least they sure can on me! I’m liking the skirt! It’s cute… and it does not look too tight!
    Good job.

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