Grasping the Positive

Believe it, or not, I have already experienced a tiny set back in my positive thinking plan for 2012. Yesterday morning amid last minute homework woes, rushing to make the bus, a stomach ache and hurrying in the cold, I lost one of my earrings. They are special to me because they were an anniversary gift. They also happened to be beautiful and probably (relatively) expensive. I’m pretty sure that it got caught in my coat while I was sitting on the bus. I heard something make a sound as it hit the floor when I moved to get off, but it never occurred to me to check beyond a glance behind me.

I am sentimental and I HATE to lose things, regardless of the cost. I’m taking it doubly hard because I actually checked that the other earring was on securely because I was rushing. WHY didn’t I check both of them ?!?! I will kick myself over that (and not checking more carefully in the bus) forever.

It’s also my “emotional” week, so you can imagine, all things considered, I was inconsolable. Hubby just held me while I got tears and snot all over him.

I am trying to keep shit in perspective, though. It was an earring. A possession. It’s replaceable.

To rally my spirits I decided to hang up the kids’ goal lists. They were so game for this! I love them so much.

Goals for 2012
You can see them (in my handwriting, except for the oldest’s) here.

My favorites from each list are:


2 fashion designs a month


I want to be respectful of everyone.


Be a good girl.


Build more box monsters.

Did any of you write goal lists with your children? I’d love to read them.


10 thoughts on “Grasping the Positive

  1. aw, i’m always losing earrings and other jewelry so i finally gave up on wearing it. so sad when it has meaning. i’m sure those box monsters will cheer you up!

    • Box monsters are always awesome! The only down sides are that no empty box is safe and his and his brother’s bedroom floor is covered in boxes and Thomas the Train tracks.


    • Thanks, Jane! Thinking about or doing things with them always makes everything better! You can probably tell by his list, that my oldest son is a serious little person, lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the one checking on the progress over the year.


  2. Sweet lists! My son home schools, so his list is mostly areas of study and then we will work on defining specific projects. Sorry about the earring — last year I lost the pair that my husband gave me when our son was born. 😦 If you still have one left, though, maybe there is a project to turn that into a pendant or some other accessory?

    • Thanks, Antoinette! You are brave to home school. I don’t think I have the right stuff for it.

      I posted on my FB page about the earring and have had friends say that they’ve lost important jewelry, too. I have plans to make the other one into a pendant somehow. My hubby said it will make a nice set when he buys me new earrings ;o)


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