Make some NOISE in 2012!

I’m always excited to start a new year, I don’t know why….

I’m taking a relaxed stance on resolutions, though. As I obviously suck at them! LOL Having said that, my hubby and I talked about having the kids make a list of goals that they want to accomplish with the hope that they become goal-oriented even though we are not.

One thing I know that they enjoy, and that I did keep my resolution to do more of, is crafting with me. Having the snazzy room in which to do it really loves no room for excuses. So, meet our

2012 Noisemakers!

Family of NOISE

Close up on the kiddie made ones.
Family NOISE!

1. Daughter#1’s Noisemaker, 2. Son#1’s Noisemaker, 3. Daughter#2’s Noisemaker, 4. Son#2’s Noisemaker

And mom’s.

Mom's Noisemaker

We’ve made these before, but this version came out much better. I did a picture tutorial in case you’re interested in how we made them. Visit this Flickr set for the know how.

Happy 2012 Peeps!


2 thoughts on “Make some NOISE in 2012!

    • I wish I was a superhero! Then I could fly! LOL My kiddies are my inspiration to craft. Both with them, because they love it, and without them to keep me sane enough to take care of them well ;o)


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