Happy New Year!!

This morning, I made us a banner to ring in the new year!
New Year Banner!!

I printed the words and numbers from my computer and cut them out. I used a Ritz cracker box to cut a template for my triangle (I cannot be trusted to eyeball anything I am cutting) and traced it onto my colored card stock.

Banner Making Supplies

After I had the pieces all cut out, I glued the letters onto the triangles. I cut three generous lengths of Lion Brand Thick N Quick yarn and tied it together along the entire length. Once that was done, I poked holes through the top of the triangles to insert a length of yarn and tied them to the TnQ yarn rope. I used a mohair and silk pom-pon in the center and separated the rest of the words with paper heart doilies.

Banner Making

Banner Making

 I hammered in a couple of nails (to the delight of my easily amused children) and tied it on!!

Next up, we eat the dinner that was mercifully quick to make and then noise maker construction begins! We need something to shake while we are toasting each other!

Spakling Apple Grape & Plastic Flutes



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