Lady Cave: Storage

This last bit of the room shows you how much crap I have, lol.

Back of the Door

This hangs on the back of the door. Scarves and hats, handknit, store bought and others.


My mother-in-law gave me that chair because she was impressed with a recovering job I did on one in the living room. I haven’t tackled this one yet. I usually throw my coat and bag here. Woody is there because he is in need of repair. His poor head is cracked. I tried to hot glue it last night, but that was decidedly unsuccessful.

My closet

1. Closet: Left Side,
My hand knit sweaters and shawls hang here as well as some thrifted items (some waiting to be refashioned). There is a huge bag of yarn at the bottom, a zipper bag that I’m keeping my wool coating and some fleece in, another with fabric scarps (for doll making and crafting) and some random curtain rods are tucked into the corner.

My loom, still in the box, is on the upper shelf. That mustard-y box holds the shoes I wore when I got married.
2. Closet: Right Side
Bins and a box of fabric (there is one more clear bin under the one you can see). That’s a bag of fiber fill hanging on a pants hanger and some random tote bags in the back. I use these for the library and weekend kiddie trips. Folded on the top there are some WIP. My Gocco printer, some sewing patterns and other things are stored up top.

Storage Table

The plastic drawers have quilting fabric, interfacing, patterns most likely to be used and a junk drawer at the top. The mirrored jewelery box was given to me by a family friend when I was young and the one behind it I found at the Salvation Army for $10. My son colored the box in front of the TV and gave it to me to hold “something special”, lol.

Under the Table

Bottom box has clay supplies and tools (a hand-held drill & bits, knitting needle roll, pom pon makers) the top box has doll and embroidery stuff in it. The unattached limbs look so funny to me, lol.

That Spinning Art Toy belongs to the kids. My sister bought it for them. Those are blank canvases on the floor (they are in plastic), the magazine holders have blank paper inside and that flat bin on top holds a ton of beads that I will likely never use.

That plastic drawer dresser holds more fabric, mostly scraps. I’ve had that thing for 10 years. Yikes.


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