Lady Cave: Sewing Corner

Welcome to the Lady Cave!!

This is the sewing machine corner. The table was against the same wall as the computer table before. I’m hoping this arrangement will make using both machines easier, as well as provide the option to use the end of the table for other purposes like clay projects or photographing things in the natural light coming in from the window.

You can also see the the light box that I made on top of the printer. This is not where I took the photos from the other day, but it should have been. This set up is much better as I will be able to clip lights to the ends of the table for the sides of the box.

That basket (which I found on the street!) under the printer filled with toilet tissue rolls is a clear sign of my innate hoarder tendencies. I was keeping these in one of those blue IKEA bags. I had NO idea that there were this many in there! I’m thinking up all sorts of uses for them, starting with new noise makers for ringing in the new year.

Sewing Machine Corner

Notions (lace, elastic, ribbon, etc) are in the Liberty box, Chawne gave me that sweet embroidered piece that it’s sitting on. Those are some doll parts stacked there and the caddy has zippers, seam ripper and such inside.

Sewing Machine Corner

The tins hold thread and some stamping equipment. The flat one with the black top holds colored pencils.The jars hold buttons and the wooden box (given to me by Gina) holds some small painted items.

Sewing Machine Corner

Library books now live here, as opposed to the floor in front of the printer. As you can see, I use the library to its fullest. I borrow books on anything that interests me to try to keep myself from buying more books. Though, sometimes it results in adding MORE things to the buy list, lol. I want my own copy of most of the craft and art books here! Especially the Frida Kahlo book. I have been renewing them with the library for weeks already.

Sewing Machine Corner: Yarn Basket

Two granny square projects, a Levenwick cardigan and random yarn lives here. I made that leather pouch in about 2006, back when I first started blogging. It holds my knitting notions, some small needles I use a lot and my favorite crochet hooks.



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