Welcome to the Lady Cave: Part I

The Lady Cave

The Lady Cave

I spent  most of yesterday, well into the late night actually, re-organizing my Lady Cave (originally named The Woman Cave by my husband in a take on Man Cave).  It was well worth it! I think it looks awesome. It still needs pictures on the wall, a cork board and some splashes of color, but this is miles closer to what I wanted than what it looked like before. I took a LOT of photos, so I will take you on an area by area tour ;o)

The Bookshelf


My Dollies, and heavy rotation background noise movies for when I’m sewing or crafting, can be seen here. Pride & Prejudice is hiding behind the knitted doll’s feet.

Bookshelf: Dollies
The two standing ones I bought back from Africa, I knit the two in the middle and the bear, Three-sy, came with my 3rd anniversary flowers.

Bookshelf: Dollies

Frida was made with Mimi Kirchner’s Purl Bee pattern. The two in the center were made with my own pattern. That little bear was given to me by my oldest son when he was in pre-k.

Craft Books Shelf

Bookshelf: Craft Books
Bookshelf: Craft Books

The older sewing books you see here were a library giveaway box find. They are FIT textbooks from years ago. There are several thinner ones that are not easily seen here.

Bookshelf: Craft Books, mostly
This is where the overflow from the craft shelf lives. When we moved in, everything, except knitting mags, lived here. Now, there are too many to fit!

I will be back tomorrow with a closer look at another area!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Lady Cave: Part I

  1. How lucky to have a Lady Cave (and in Brooklyn, at that)! I have a hijacked corner of the living / TV room, but my kids are still small enough that they need constant supervision, so it makes sense.

    • I feel so lucky!! Though, I would be perfectly happy with a corner of the dining area, too! My children actually spend a lot time in here with me. It’s homework central on school days.


    • Don’t envy the tidiness, it will be history as soon as I start working on a project! lol

      I hope you’re enjoying your time off so far!


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