Lightbox V.1 Photos

OK. Taking pictures of a brown skinned doll (hard to photograph) wearing purple (hard to photograph) on an overcast day (hard on photographs) is not fun. I really want to become a better picture taker (I think photographer sounds so …professional) but I struggle with lighting, location, software and patience.

I finally got around to making a lightbox today. Version 1 is okay, but I need a larger, sturdier box and clip lights so I don’t have to take lamps from all over the house. I thought the pics looked better than those taken outside of the box, in the camera at least. Once they’ve been loaded into iPhoto they look so much darker. I’ve read that this is a problem for lots of people. We have Photoshop, but I haven’t a clue how to use it.

Anyway, here are some of the pics that didn’t completely suck.

Madame Violette, blushing
Madame Violette, blushing

Unfinished Mini Frida :: Wooden Peg with padded fabric body
Unfinished Mini Frida

Dotty Peg Pompill
Dotty Skirt and Scarf :: Peg Doll :: Pom Pon Pillbox Hat
Dotty Peg Pompill

Sleepy :: Hand Drawn on Wood :: Varnished

My creative feelers are pointing in a new direction. I’ve absolutely destroyed my craft room (will learn to call it my studio in 2012) so I think clean up, then shower to wake up (I was up very late) and then tuxedo skirt.


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