18 Down, 18 To Go!

Grades are in. And my gpa is intact!

Hooray for years of procrastination honing my ability to work well at the last minute!

Seriously, I can’t do that to myself again next term. I was so stressed out, but I couldn’t seem to get anything done until I had absolutely no choice but to work. It was very strange…I think it started when I let myself get a little behind and it just grew from there.

My classes for next term will, hopefully, hold my attention better (that admin class has snooze potential, but I really like the Prof that’s teaching it). At the very least, I’m committed to staying on or ahead of schedule. Even if I do work well under pressure (This statement is always a lie. Isn’t it? I don’t work well under pressure. I yell at everyone, get really grumpy/sad/teary/weird, snack/eat continuously and stay up way too late.) I don’t want to risk it again.

I’m halfway done with the program now! One more year to go!


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