Thrift Score Tour, Day 1

Hello citizens of the blog reading world!!

School has finished (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), one grade is in so far (an A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the kid’s art classes ended last Saturday so I had nothing to do all day today (!!!!!!!!!)!

To celebrate, and to have blog fodder for the next several days, I am going to show you some of my recent thrift scores. Aren’t you excited!! Lie to me if you aren’t.

First up, the outfit I wore to the BurdaStlye book release party.

BR Cotton Blend shirt & Armani (!!!) Wool slacks turned Shorts

Banana Republic Cotton Blend shirt

& Armani (!!!) Wool slacks turned Shorts

These were like the find of the decade!! I really wanted a white button down top. The woman’s department only had slightly sketchy looking ones. This baby is a man’s size small, and still had the plastic bit from the price tag on it. It didn’t have any sign of wear, at ALL. I only took it in on the sides a little to make it less boxy. I didn’t shorten it because I liked the way it looked slightly longer and worn over fitted pants.

The Armani pants (!!!!) were a perfect fit, except for the length. Shortening them was fairly easy. I like to speculate about the tiny man that owned these clothes, lol. I’ve imagined that the same person bought in both items. I only just realized how versatile these shorts are while snapping pics tonight. Here are two more looks.

Black Linen Ralph Lauren Blouse :: (app) $5.00

Black Linen Ralph Lauren Blouse :: (app) $5.00

I can’t remember exactly how much this one was, it was definitely less than five bucks. This thing is great quality, it hardly appeared to be worn AND it had fresh dry cleaner’s tags on it.

Cotton Cable Knit Izod Sweater :: $5.00

Cotton Cable Knit Izod Sweater :: $5.00

I wore it for about 5 days in a row when I first got it. This is not something I would ever make, as I hate cabling. So it was the perfect thing to thrift. The black linen top is beneath it here.

I am becoming seriously spoiled by the quality I can find at the thrift store. I’ve even got my little sister hooked! I was inspired to try Freecycle because of my success with them. In my first pick up (you’ve got to be quick to claim things man) I scored these from someone within walking distance from my house!

Naturalizer Leather Booties :: FREE!!
Naturalizer Leather Booties :: FREE!!


5 thoughts on “Thrift Score Tour, Day 1

  1. Woah woah those are some good finds!! I have the worst thrift store luck ever or maybe the thrift stores in Chicago are just bad news. I’m also super curious about the freecycling, I have only just hear of it maybe 2 months ago.

    • I was so lucky my last few trips there! And Freecycle is great! You should definitely join your local group. I have seen everything from sourdough starters to pianos offered.


  2. Hello thanks for your previous comment on Recycled Fashion Finds #25! Recycled Fashion finds#27 link up is now live, so you can link up your refashion and thrift score tour there now!

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